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Why Did I Stop Gaining Muscle and Start Gaining Fat Mid-Cycle?

I’m new to this forum but have looked at a lot of posts in the past. My current cycle is
Test e 500mg/w
Tren Ace 50mg ED started at week 4
Dbol 50 ED weeks 1-4
Anavar 100 ED weeks 6-12
Aromasin 6.25 ED adjusted as needed
I am currently in week 9 and my weight has stopped going up and haven’t been seeing gains as fast as when I first started the cycle(frontloaded test also). I’ve actually gained fat mostly around my abs and love handles since I stopped the dbol so if anyone knows what could have caused this that’d be very helpful. I figured the tren and var combo would build muscle crazy fast while burning fat and leaning me out. I was thinking the var could be some other oral since Gyno flared up not too long after I started taking it and I’m not leaning out too much. I also got it pretty cheap(45$ for 50 25mg caps). I’ve done a lot of research on it and the powder sparkles like diamonds like I’ve read it’s supposed to. I’ve also noticed constant dehydration no matter how much I drink. I don’t pee nearly as much as I should be with drinking 6 liters a day and the pee is always yellow or darker. Too sum it up I guess I’m asking if anyone has an idea as to why I’ve been gaining fat and not much muscle and if anyone has an idea of what other oral the var could be or if it sounds like it’s legit var

Is the tren just trashing your kidneys at this point? Because darker urine isn’t a great sign. Or has your cardio suffered from the tren and possibly driven down your maintenance calories enough to change the balance you had before? I’m stumped. I mean, if you’re eating in a surplus you’re going to gain some fat. No way around that. But it’s odd that it presented this particular way.

I think more than just your var might be bunk. Either that or your diet and training is all messed up. Your running a powerful proven stack if your not getting the results it’s either the gear or you.

Thanks for the help I’m really confused also. I had a blood test last week that said my liver and kidneys were both healthy so maybe the extra sweating is what’s dehydrating me. I used to jog for half an hour after every workout but I dropped that down to 20 minutes since the tren was starting to affect that. I dropped my calorie intake 5 days ago to about 1500 calories to see if it would change anything and I haven’t lost much fat if any. I was thinking the var could be something else that aromatizes a lot which could explain the fat gain and the Gyno flare up

Must be the gear then. My diet is clean and I train hard 6 days a week. With just the test and dbol weeks 1-4 I gained 25 pounds and didn’t notice much fat gain but since stopping the dbol I gained more fat and only gained 10 pounds since then. I might try changing up my workout routine and see if that helps

I just checked my bf% and it’s gone down 1.5% in a month and my arms are more vascular so maybe the extra estrogen is just holding onto the fat around my abs and love handles

So wait your up 35lbs in 9 weeks and your not happy with what exactly? Fat gain? If your up 35lbs in 9 weeks then your probably well over your caloric needs and should expect some fat gains regardless of how much tren and var you take

I’m more worried that if I plateaued on cycle what’s gonna happen after I stop and start pct. My weights stayed exactly the same for the past 3 weeks so I was very impressed with 35 pounds in 6 weeks and didn’t gain much fat at all up until then

The same thing that has happened on all your other cycles probably.

If you belive that you can gain 35 lbs muscle in 6 mere weeks you are extremely mistaken

That’s just what the scale says man. I ate and drank constantly so some of it could have been food and water I was carrying around. I also stopped taking Adderall at the start of my cycle because it was destroying my appetite and causing me to lose weight so around 15 pounds of it was me getting back to where I was a few months ago