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Why did i stall for years on 5x5 beginner programs?

I started with this cookie cutter bodybuilding program at first but made strength gains and size, idk if it was because i was a noob beginner or if the program was actually useful, after 4 months i started the jb icf 5x5, i done that for like 2 years or more and made very little gains, i then started sl 5x5 and i made some little gains but nothing big, i started candito intermediate 6 week program and made some gains, now i’m doing madcow 5x5 and it’s going very well, but why didn’t i reach 200/300/400 standard using 5x5 linear program as a beginner?? That’s what blaha said and i did it for years. I feel kind of sad but at least i’m making some gains after 4 and half years of failure, my lifts are 86kgx5 bench, 131kgx5 squat and 166kgx5 deadlift (using 21kg barbell) no belt no straps no nothing btw, just food and sleep, i am just disappointed that i wasted years when i could have been a lot bigger and stronger, i am 85kg at 6ft 1/186cm, i started at 56kg 5ft 11 or 10

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