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Why Did I Miss This Deadlift?

This seemed to have come up so fast off the floor and then lockout was just a lot slower than whatnny speed off the floor looks like. I have a feeling it was a bad position to lockout in.

Looks like either your glutes are weak or you aren’t using them properly. Also, you set up with a rounded back which will give you better leverages off the floor but a harder lockout. Rack/block pulls from mid shin should help, just make sure you set up as you would be at that point in the lift if you were pulling fro the floor.




You missed the lift because you are not strong enough.

Another vote for this.

Make sure you are maintaining your tightness. The only time I’ve seen the bar move downward that quickly is when lifters loose tightness. Very quick off the floor for it to fail that way at the top. Stay tight.

I agree with the others. Do some block pulls from mid shin. Sets of 5 for 2-3 sets after your main pulling.

Totally the posterior chain giving out.


Hard to tell from this angle, but I’d say weak hips/back/hammies. Hit some good mornings and block pulls.

Also I think your sumo stance is too wide for you, it looks kinda unnatural on you from this angle, and since you are setting up with a rounded back you probably don’t have the mobility with this stance to actually start with a strong arch/opened hips that give you all of the benefits of going sumo.

Fourth vote for this. When you start like that using near maximal weights, the lockout is almost always going to be a grind. You maybe could have gotten it if you didn’t immediately deflate the moment you stalled, but the grind usually isn’t worth the risk. Those jittery, grinding lockouts on sumo should avoided, so I think your body made the right call once you stalled.

I vote to blame the sumo stance. Looked too wide and awkward somehow.

If the weight leaves the ground quickly and stalls at after the knee in the sumo, you are not pulling correctly. Look at almost all the great sumo pullers (especially Russians), they take a long time getting the weight moving and then it’s a piece of cake.

Along with the suggestions about hammering your posterior chain with assistance I’d say that only pull from the floor with good technique. This mean light(er) weights. When I was cleaning up my sumo my 8 rep max became a grindy triple, BUT in 6 months I was back to the same weights with less strain on my back, more consistent technique and better carryover to other lifts.

Not necessarily. Look at the 920 attempt here:

Coan missed this because the weight drifted out in front of him. If you watch his past lifts closely, he did that a lot because in the close stance sumo its difficult to maintain groove. Coan was so freaking strong though that he managed to be able to pull most weights in.

The OP missed his DL because he pulled (as you mentioned) with a round back. The reason is he lacks the flexibility and strength in the hams and hips to keep the back flat.

Okay, let’s change that to “wide stance sumo pullers who try to stay upright usually miss off the floor, whereas a closer stance results in a stronger leg drive from the floor and makes it possible to get the bar higher even if the initial position already made the lift impossible” or smthn like that.

Point being, Coan’s sumo is a very untraditional sumo that has many conventional deadlift characteristics and there are notable pullers who try to emphasize the difference between “pulling conventional with sumo stance” and “sumo deadlifts”, the former being a very bent over brute force version and the latter the smooth looking upright version.