Why Deadlift??

Ever since my training “enlightenment” about nine months ago (Read: I started reading t-mag), I have been under the impression that the uber-exercise was the squat.

Especially with articles like “The Howl: You Gotta’ Squat!” (Strength Training, Bodybuilding & Online Supplement Store - T NATION), it seemed like the squat was THE measure of whether someone actually knew WTF they were doing when it came to weight training. You know: someone says, “I can bench this much and curl so-and-so…” “Yeah, but how much can you squat?”

But now as I’ve started to read the t-mag forums regularly (wow, what a great place!), I’m noticing that everyone is like deadlift-crazy or something.

Are deadlifts the new squat or what?.. Did I miss something?

Who says you can only use one exercise?

Paul, you should probably check out the Westside Conjugate method of training. You’ll see how they incorporate both the squat, deadlift, and various other exercises into the same program.

…a general test of strength would be your combined deadlift, squat, and bench total.

Every few months someone asks the same question. Must be because it’s a good question. The last thread we had on this topic provided lots of good answers. For me, though, it’s a fun exercise that gives you tremendous physiological benefit and it elicits strange looks. All good reasons for me to do it.

Deadlifts are not the “new squat” or new anything, they are the Big Daddy King of All Iron Pumping exercises.

I’m waiting for Ike to wander by.

Try it and you’ll know why you must do it! =)

Why deadlift?

Cause it’s fun!

You get to load up a bar with several plates and pick it up, and then put it down and do it over and over again however many times you choose.

And in doing so it uses a vast quantity of muscles, plus a lot of CNS work is needed.

Squat and Deadlift, and use their variations: Zercher squats and good mornings, overhead squats, front squats, squat-push press complexes, etc.

Because we can!

Do both, Squats & Deads!

i have to deadlift because if i dont i wont get a total at the end of the meet and my other lifts wont count.

Because someday you might have to pick up a car or a bus or a train and you need to be prepared.

I cannot think of any serious lifter/athlete who doesn’t do DL’s, it’s such an important when training the lower back, traps, hip flexors etc.

Well, marathoners might be able to perform withough them, but you don’t see us talking about doing 26.2 on a regular basis either.

You’re quite right - the deadlift has become the new squat. As late as 1997, deadlifts were not effective for putting on strength or muscle mass. That all changed in August of 1997 with the publication of, “Squats: A Girl’s Best Friend”, by Richard Simmons.

While “Squats” was right on the money, it was soon completely laughable to get caught squatting, as it identified you as a pansy aerobics pussy. So in order to address the effects that the squat had on the body while not looking like a leotard-wearin’ sissy, a man by the name of Ed Coan retooled the deadlift in late 1997.

Before his retooling of the deadlift, the deadlift did not promote hypertrophy or strength gains. Through some subtle mechanics changes, the once ineffective deadlift actually proved to be taxing.

That is how we came about having the modern day deadlift.

LMAO Jared.

Jared, you’re on a freakin’ roll, man!


snicker, snicker

The deadlift is actually an older exercise than the squat. When the squat was invented, people would either clean the weight up, press, and get under it, or they would stand the bar up on end(!) tilt it, and start squatting.

Then someone had the bright idea to make squat racks.

Whereas the invention of the Deadlift went something like this:

“Well, Hans, we have this heavy weight. Now what?”

“Ah… lift it from the floor!”

So, in a way, the Squat is the New Deadlift.


I love to squat, and although I know its a great exercise I am not a big fan of deadlifting. Sorry group!

I do like the Clean and Jerk. With this exercise you not only get to pick the weight up off the floor, but you get to put it over your head as well.

After Chin-ups I would say the Clean and Jerk is my all time favorite.

Is that a half a deadlift? hah

Because if you don’t, you’re a pussy.

“Because if you don’t, you’re a pussy.”

Ummm, Frank Shamrock doesn’t deadlift at all. At least that’s what he said during his interview with T-Mag.

Personally if I was Chris Shugart I would have bitch slapped him and told him to quit wasting my time, but to each his own I guess… lol.