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Why Dbol?


54 yo
5'10". 195#
training 25 yrs
Previous cycles: too numerous to mention...at this point I pretty much run a 'cruise/blast' type protocol and am, more or less, always on

My question:
Why do people kickstart with Dbol, when from all I can tell from my reading, it is mostly water weight and hard to keep?

I think my next cycle will be 500mg Test-E & 400mg Deca (per wk x 12 wks) Was thinking about adding Dbol to 'kickstart', but then had to stop and ask myself how exactly I thought 15 pounds of water weight was going to improve my physique. I know its winter time here and I can walk around bundled in sweaters and look 'hyuge', but that kind of goes against my 'look good naked' training/diet protocol. Am I missing something?


Use an aromatase inhibitor on cycle to control bloat. Test AND dbol will most likely have you holding enough water that you'd like to use an AI. When you hear of people not holding onto dbol gains, it's usually because it's a dbol ONLY cycle. Dbol is a nice addition to test.

Also, many on here don't recommend using an oral to 'kickstart' a cycle. Rather, frontload your long acting injectables and then introduce the oral in the middle/towards the end of the cycle so that your injectable compounds have saturated in your system and all three compounds can work together.


Dont kick start as was said.

Use it once the test is already hitting hard and you will see nice responses.

Anyone who says dbol doesn't produce anything but strength and water when added to test and deca and tren, etc.

Is a fool.

Granted you see IMMEDIATE strength and water, thats not really permanent, but the growth comes faster than with test alone.

Dbol is cheap, and stupid effective for most.

Even if you didnt grow from it directly at all (and you do), for its cost, the strength (which would help the test build more mass), aggression, energy, mood boost, and appetite would still be worth the piddly cost of the drug.

I dont cut with dbol because i like to see the fruits of my labor as I go.

But I cut with higher test every-time as a base.

And you damn well could cut with dbol, some do, youd just have to wait a week to piss out all the water after the cycle to really clearly see how lean you were.


OK - so it works synergistically with the Test...sounds good - so frontload the Test/Deca and then maybe add 30mg/ed mid cycle?

How does Test / Deca ratio look?