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Why Cruise at 250?

I’m on trt 150 mg. When I get Get my labs and I’m sure I’ll be top of normal based off my 125 labs.

Just curious How the 250 cruise came to be in blast and cruise.

I didn’t know there was a rule you had to cruise at a specific dose.

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Second that. Maybe this is limited to your exposure only?

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Sounds like it. OP the WHOLE point of the cruise (minus skipping PCT and recovery) is to get BACK to a normal level, sounds like 250 would just lower your CYCLE and not be a cruise.

It just seem like the non trt guys cruise at 250. From my reading of posts. I just was curious why this is a common dose?

Maybe they need that to stay in normalish levels. Everybody is different. Your current TRT dose wouldn’t even bring my TT into the 500’s probably.

A lot of people that b/c aren’t on a real TRT regiment, as in they aren’t using prescription gear. People use 250 because they want to preserve more muscle or build more muscle while cruising, cause steroid culture, bro. Whether or not this is deleterious to health is up for debate. I believe I read something about test not being very harmful long term until your doses exceed 350 mg a week. However YMMV.

There are plenty of guys who blast and cruise on here that go back to a normal dose, wether it’s prescribed or not idk. I’m sure plenty stay high as well.

I’m not going to tag the 2 smart guys about the “safe” comment, because then this will be a 100+ post topic with 278 links to scientific studies that 98% of the people probably won’t read, but I’ll say I don’t agree with that high of a dose (for the majority) being safe long term.

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Haha, you know things get real when the smart guys start citing studies. Those were my thoughts exactly as I was typing that statement

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My guess, based on products I had when I started cycling, is that ppl do 250mg cos they have access to Sust 250mg/mL or enanthate 250mg/mL, and the math is easy. 500mg is ‘normal’ cycle, so take half for the cruise part.

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I agree with this, mostly. If you don’t need TRT, then what’s the point of cruising within range? Plenty of guys cruise much higher than 250mg too, they just don’t talk about it. The reality is, there isn’t much risk difference between 200mg and 250mg, and 200mg is a fairly common TRT dose. It’s probably also the most common cruise dose becasue the vials in a lot of places are 200mg. If you are in it for performance or growth, there isn’t much win in cruising at a real TRT dose - that’s just unnecessary window dressing. B&C for PED purposes means you dsure don’t want to lose any of “Them gainz bro”. 500mg as a cruise will likely cause you problems at some point, 250mg is not much more likely to do that than 200mg and boosts you that little bit more. If someone is going out on that limb for sporting purposes, why not just go all the way out there?


I think it’s a combo of what you say and @swoops39. Injecting 1/2 ml twice a week is convenient, but also if you are b&cing then you want to preserve or build muscle in your cruise. 250 mg/wk is about the top in almost all cases for trt. It is considered much safer than 500. I think the justification is that if it is used for trt that it is safe for cruise. Probably not always true.

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Was just curious. I take 150 a week. Have some extra stored up. Didn’t know if there was any benefit of running 250mg/week for 10 weeks. If it would produce any better slow steady Moderate gains. Or use it for a cut next summer.

It might help a little. I did my first blast on 325, and trt at the time was 150. Was underwhelmed.

How many pounds gained

The guys that are packing more muscle than they genetically are able to carry probably require a higher dose to stay at that weight when not on a full blown cycle. Personally I don’t find 350mg to be that much different than 200mg but there is a major difference between 150mg & 250mg (at least for me) in just about every way. There’s even a pretty big difference between 150mg & 200mg.

I gained 5-6 lbs on it (probably only like 3 lbs of muscle). It wasn’t great. I was fairly muscular at the time, so that explains some of the lack of gains. The more developed you are, the less you gain in my estimation on a certain dose. I did squat over 500 at the end of the cycle and put up 365 on the bench.

The difference in Free T is probably pretty large.

I have done it over 2 years, 300-500 test with 150 deca on cruise.

This isn’t blast/cruise. It’s blast/BLASSST.

With year round hypertension you’ve got a ticket to heart attack city.