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why creatine monohidrate and not phosphate?

H9i guys i have a Q:
Why all produce out there have creatine Monohidrate…Why not Phosphate? When it is said to be phosphate the one in charge of building and mantaining the muscle?

??don’t know


No ones answered so ill have a go. There are a couple of reasons that I can think of

  1. cost - creatine phosphate costs more/ is harder to get/its simply easier and therefor cheaper to use creatine monohydrate
  2. absorption- creatine phosphate for some reason is not absorbed in the GIT (gastrointestinal tract) aswell as creatine monohydrate
  3. metabolism- i dont think this would be an option
  4. stable- maybe creatine phosphate is not as stable as creatine monohydrate when stored

It doesnt really matter anyway cause the body converts into creatine phosphate eventually

Thanks man I was asking since i got to this website no long ago and they where saling creatine phosphate and talking all kinds of wonders about it…
now I know,thanks. It is crazy what people would do to make money