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Why Concentric???


All research says that eccentrically you are stronger, and by focusing on the eccentric contraction you stimulate more growth, and increase strength gains faster than during concentric contractions. Leading to my question: Why ever do any concentric contractions? You might as well have a partner assist you on the concentric portion (to eliminate it from your workout) and let you lower the weight on your own. I don't see the point of concentrics, any thoughts?


Is that a real question? You don't know why you should actually lift the weight?


You might as well expend all energy on the eccentric portion if your goal is growth and strength. Wrong?


How would you plan on doing that for squats? Have the spotters lift the weight? But then they'd have to perform a concentric act. Some guys are going the other way and using eccentricless training. The goal of lifting heavy weights is to be able to actually "lift" the weight, if you don't lift it it's going to do unspeakably bad things to your body.


You need both to create a full contraction.

Edit: Apart from the fact it's incredibly inconvenient.


And the extent to which eccentric only loading damages the muscle makes it less than optimal.


Here's an idea.
Give it a go. Make it the centerpeice of your training. I mean seriously, spend the next year just doing nothing but partner-assisted eccentric reps for EVERYTHING.
Come back and tell us how it went.
Meanwhile, I'll keep lifting weights the same way every successful bodybuilder does for the majority of their training.
We can compare notes.


Your missing another side to the research. PM me if you want the details.


Sharp4850 is the coolest guy. I'm not saying I'm only going to do this type of training, but i am going to try it out for a little. See if I can improve my deadlift 3x BW, bench an squat 2x Bw. Keep the feed back comming!


Why are you posting about geting a 3x bodyweight deadlift in the bodybuilding forum??

What bodybuilder has EVER trained the way you are proposing?


Its funny the responses people give when they are baffled by a question.


I'm saying that so I can have a little credibility. Also a lot of bodybuilders have training periods where they focus on the eccentric portion, especially for certain muscles of muscle groups. Annnnd I change up my program every now and then, so I am trying to gain some knowledge on this topic to help me out. Now settle down.

Thanks everyone for all the feedback, you've been a big help.


post a picture of yourself or someone you have trained/coached who has an built an impressive physique. That's what will give you credibility


Like I said, please... settle down. You're swerving off topic now. Just answer the question troll. I'm just looking to gain some knowledge.



think about how impractical it would be to try and do every lift while eliminating the concentric portion of the lift. Use your brain and just think about it


That's what really made me laugh. Talking about using this method to improve his deadlift? Are you serious? I think this warrants a...


Obvious troll.

Listen bro, I hope you tear a pec.


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concentricless DL's FTW!!!


The first thing that comes to my mind is, eccentric work is very tough on the body. Not only on the joints and tendons, but on the muscles as well. You body/muscles need to have a certain amount of total time under tension to grow. If you try to achieve enough volume by eccentrics alone, you will eventually crap out, either due to injury or just feeling like shit from the muscle damage, thus impeding your ability to grow.

Let me tell you, eccentric loading places a LOT of stress (forces) and strain (deformation) on the muscles, whereby if you do it enough too often, you will eventually lose strength and lose muscle by not being able to train properly.


Somebody's going to have to deadlift the weight for him to drop it again. Maybe he could invent some expensive machine to lift the weight for him so he can drop it and then sell it on late night infomerrcials.