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Why Can't People Put Away Their Weights


or put the DB's in the proper spot? I always see signs in gyms with rules that include putting weights in their proper place. This seems to only apply to the responsible gym members, while others seem to think it doesn't apply to them. I guess that these "special members" don't want to mess with their awesome swolleness so they can't put stuff away.

Sometimes I chase them down and request that they put their stuff away depending on my mood, and usually it isn't a problem. I did have one guy tell me that it's why they have staff and that's why he pays fees. I ended up arguing and telling him the gym was going to call his mom and get him grounded.

He told me where to go, but at least he put away his weights. What really gets me though, is the ghosts who put away the DB's in the wrong spot. I never seem to be able to catch the buggers.

This has probably been posted before, but at this time of year it seems to be a lot more noticeable.


I lift things up and put them down.


I can understand. Ill go into the gym and see that the plates are horribly placed. It gets so bad that 45lb plates are put where 5lb plates should be and they get stuck. And I never get to see the sorry bastard. How hard is it?


Yeah it has.

Those people are just lazy and inconsiderate. Simple as that.



Why should I put weights away? There are people that work in gyms that get paid to do it......get their asses off facebook and get to work....


No. You are paying a monthly(or yearly) cost to use someones facilities and equipment to train or act like you are training. Your ass better pick up after yourself once your done. The gym owners shouldnt, personal trainers(unless they are training you), or any other member. You moved them there so you can move them back and not be a lazy shit.


Not to be an ass, but kind of like people who start threads without doing a simple search and bump old threads. :slight_smile:


Exhibit A.


Having worked at a commercial gym, I can say with confidence that no one was getting paid to put the weights away. Some were there to check you in, others were there to train you or clean the shitter, and a few where doing administrative tasks. If you go to a smaller private gym, they usually have plenty of signs instructing you to put your own damn weights away. It's an assumed courtesy.

Because no one's getting paid to do it (and in fact, have another job that they have to do), when the gym gets busy and they have to do their job, people like you make working out a giant pain in the ass because you can never find the weights you need.

Put your fucking weights away like a big boy.



Shut the hell up

I was joking

Joking in a thread that is retarded

Because really who cares if weights are getting put away?

Unless you are having to move 20 plates off a leg press or lift 12 plates off a bar for deads it should not be an issue

How many times have you really had to unload a serious amount of plates? Stop bitching.





Calm down dudes. Can't you all tell when I'm joking by now?


I reorganize the racks between sets. It is always worse with resolutioners still around. Sometimes, I tell kids I'm not their mother. That serves a dual purpose: 1) they feel shame and fix their weights, and 2) they never come back.


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My bad, I thought you were serious. Honestly, in my gym the leg press is always filled with plates usually by guys who throw as many on there as they can then move it like 3 inches. Another issue is dudes leaving 4 plates after they deadlift in front of the power cage. I don't deadlift so unloading it is a pain in the ass. That pisses me off 10 times more than the squat rack curls that everyone cries about.

But the worst is people moving the dumbbells from the free weight room over the to machine room on the other side of the gym. Whether for super sets or whatever reason. I shouldn't have to go on an Easter egg hunt around the gym to find a fuckin dumbbell.


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Yesterday I saw that someone had placed a pair of 15 lb dumbbells ON TOP of the 75's.
This person couldn't walk 8 paces to the left to return 'em?


This is the internet so it hard to tell when someone using sarcasm and when they arent. My bad. And ya it rubs me the wrong way because this crap happens every time I go to train. If its occasional, then it wouldnt be such a problem but its not.


At my gym people put shit away, but they do it wrong. Like who puts 6 plates on only one side of the hack??? Or puts 3 45's in front of all the dimes on a weight tree? Buncha jerks I tell ya.


I think this pretty much covers it.