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Why Can't I Sleep?

Morning testosteronies,

sleep. To me, is like finding a pot of gold, which is basically 100% non existent.

I have no issues falling asleep, my issue is waking up rested and having energy through the day. Ill get 7-8 hours no problem but i wake up groggy, tired through the day, needing a nap by the time 330 hits and as soon as i get home from work I have zero energy to hit the gym or do anything at that.

where could the issue lie? my diet (which i will admit is not the greatest but could definitely be worse) Am i lacking in the supplements department? (some vitamins, minerals, etc)

i envy those people who wake up feeling they could fight off the rock. PLEASE HELP.

I would say ZMA is worth a shot. I started taking it once I had kids because my sleep rarely was ever restful with them waking up in the night. It seems whether I’ve had 3-4 or 8 hours of sleep I still wake up rested when I take it. If that doesn’t do anything I would see a doctor. It would be hard for any one of us to diagnose an issue for you over the internet especially with no obvious red flags in your explanation

Ill give you a small run down of my day/diet.

I consume generally a cup of coffee a day and a pre workout generally around 330/4

My meals are high protein, low fat low carb throughout the day. My two high carb meals are pre and post workout.

before bed ill generally just eat some more protein/fats.

I do consume some rockstar (sugar free) energy drinks when needed during the day but my caffeine/stimulant intake is stopped at 630/7. Im in bed at 1030/11 and up at 630.

I’ve had the exact same issue. You lift in the evenings, correct? That was a big part of the issue for me. Lift at lunch if you can. If not, it sucks, but lift in the AM.

Do you do anything that stimulates you at night? I used to play a lot of first person shooters before bed. That’s was a huge mistake for me.

Switch to reading during the week. It makes a difference.

This is way too late. Cut caffeine at noon.

I prefer Z12 over ZMA for what it’s worth.

Carbs before bed help me sleep too.

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I wouldn’t think any of those things alone are issues, unless you are just hyper-sensitive to caffeine or one of the chemicals in the energy drink. Try what @anon50325502 suggested