Why Can't I Pick Forums That I am Interested In?

I wish I could go into my preferences and select just the forum folders I am interested in. 70% of this forum I have no interest in why do I have to wade through all these topics? Please give us the option to select only the folders we are interested in and nothing else.
Thanks for offering feedback to the best men’s health forum on the internet.

If you go to the forum you are not interested in, right at the top next to the “+ New Topic” button there is a bell icon. Click on that and select “Muted”, it’s the last item in the menu.

That probably does exactly what you want (takes posts away from Latest and removes it from the forum list)


Thank you I will try that.

Yep, that should do it. Should also be able to go into your profile… Preferences… Categories and enter them that way.

Out of curiosity, what are the few categories you are interested in exclusively?

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