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Why Can't I Login to Biotest Forums?

I’m using exact same username/pwd that I log into T Nation forums as well as Biotest homepage. Why am I locked out?

There was a necessary system update on the Biotest forums. Have you reset your password for them yet?

There was a banner on the Biotest forums announcing the need to reset your password for some time after the update.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

I reset it. It still won’t let me login to the forums though.

Hmm. Strange. Let me see if I can troubleshoot it.

Have you tried logging in with your email address when prompted?

Yes I have.

It doesn’t send anything to my email.

My apologies! I can’t see any issues with your account on the Biotest forums.

Unfortunately, you’ll likely need to contact Biotest customer service directly at 1-800-525-1940 or service@biotest.net.

Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance!

What email do you see linked to my account?

Well there’s our issue haha. That’s an old address I haven’t had access to in years. Can you please link it to like my T Nation account?

That’ll do it!

Strange thing on my end now. I’m receiving an error message when I try to update your email address.

I’ll attempt to update it again here shortly, and I’ll let you know!

Unfortunately, I’m still getting an error message every time I try to update your email address.

Looks like we’re back to needing to contact Biotest customer service.