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Why Can I Squat More Than Dead?


I use to hate deadlifts now they are my favorite exercise lol. I cut a while ago and lost a lil strength and just recently started focusin on gaining again and getting stronger...

today I tried to deadlift 335lbs and I almost had it but couldnt quite lock my back. All these kids kept askin me to try to squat it and i was like there is no way if i cant deadlift it. I tried anyway...and went a lil past parallel and got it up. How can i squat more than i can dead?
18 y/o
12% bodyfat


You're form is probably the culprit. Usually, people raise their legs up first and then lift with their back on deadlifts. You should try to lift with both your legs and back at the same time. Try to keep your torso as upright as possible the whole time.


Well along with the above. You havent been doing DL's have you been doing squats??

What stance etc do you use in squat there is carryover betweem the two but they are different.

Your low back seems to be the weak point if you couldnt lock it out your used to BRACING for the squat but not Moving a load with the DL.

You could be better built for Squatting. Do you have short arms??

All those and many more could be part of it.


I dont have short arms no...but i wouldnt say they are long either..they are just right i guess lol. Maybe it is my form...because i kind of have my legs mostly extended by the time i have a little bit left to go with extending my back. Like my legs lift it first then my back...not both at the same time.


If you are struggling with the top portion of the lift, then try doing rack lifts to build strength in your back.


Try it again, but this time do not lift with your back. Instead, squeeze your ass hard and pelvic thrust forward, your back will straighten by itself, your glutes do the work.


How is your depth on the squats?


he's right probably is your form,it was very hard for me to learn how to do straight bar deads.Think of driving your feet through the floor and the weight will move.


Are you using conventional or sumo stance? It sounds to me that you are more suited to conventional but this just a guess. I believe you should use a deadlift stance that most closely resembles your squat stance (sumo for wide stance and conv. for narrow stance). Years ago a couple of high school guys at the gym were trying to pull 405 in a bentover position but couldn't budge it. I don't usually give unsolicited advice but suggested they get their butt closer to the ground before the pull. One kid completed 1 good rep and the other kid pulled it to his knees. Probably worth a try.


You're squatting high. (there are other possibilities, but the simplest explanation is usually true)