Why Can I Not Overhead Squat?

Seriously. It just doesnt go.

I have good flexibility according to the PT at my gym and can go ATG, but my posture makes it excruciating on my low back even just with the bar.

Is this a pelvic rotation thing? I have been working on that with glute work and rolling my quads/IT band but I feel like I sit back as much as possible and its no better.

Im 6’, does this matter?

Thanks all.

Your PT is probably wrong. You must have a flexibility issue. Probably your shoulders.

[quote]undeadlift wrote:
Your PT is probably wrong. You must have a flexibility issue. Probably your shoulders.[/quote]

Agreed. If you can go ATG, it probably is with your shoulders, ESPECIALLY if you have done a lot of bench pressing. I am sure some of the other guys can give you better stretching exercises, but invest in a broomstick and use it to do some stretching, over your head and back, then over your head forward…Also put the broomstick over your head in the snatch position and try going down. You need to get loose up top.

Overhead squats hit muscles of the core in inimitable ways. You’re just very weak in the necessary places right now, that’s all–don’t look for more complicated answers. Grab two ten pound dumbbells and use those to begin with (do a couple sets as a warm up every time you go to the gym). If 10#d dumbbels still hurt, go lighter. Find a weight you can handle without pain and gradually, very gradually, increase it.

I have really poor flexibility in my ankles and have never been able to do front or overhead squats. I found a way to point my toes way out and sit between my legs on back squats that seems to work OK, so I can go full ATG on those, but I doubt I will ever be able to do front or overhead squats.

dswithers, try the third world squat idea found in a recent article.