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Why Can I Not Feel a Chest Pump?

I’m the same way, especially if I’m doing incline (bench or BB). What works for me is definitely decline bench and lately I’ve been in to the low incline hex press (also called a squeeze press).

got pics for reference? I wonder if we visually alike as well

Watch a video on YouTube with Eugene teo it’s his latest one. It could help somewhat. I definitely felt my chest more after one of his tips or ques

yeah that was good but I really wanted to see the 1 hour video he did, unfortunately he puts it behind a paywall

there’s a 1 week free trial, maybe I’ll do that.

Recently I switched my chest workouts to mainly cables, and machines and bam I’m starting to actually get peck soreness, and sometimes even cramps

What the fuck is the explanation for this? Why wasn’t I getting the pumps in my chest form benching 225 over 10 fucking times for 4 or 5 sets yet simple decline cables will burn the fuck out of my chest (but I also do get some shoulder pain so I have to dial It back a bit, the stretch is intense)

I also feel the pump/stretch with dumbbell pullovers. Barbell does absolute shit for my chest, dumbbells do more, but I feel like cables do the most.

Should I just abandon the barbell bench press? I get this mental jolt when I think about it, like “NO HOW COULD YOU”

The only lift you need to do is the lift you need to do. For example if you’re a power lifter, squat, bench, deadlier are Kemeys.
But if you are after pec size and the bench is not returning on your efforts then what’s the issue?

Drop the bench use what works.

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I like this, but I like all his stuff:

cable decline press for my lower and middle pec area, and pullovers for my upper chest. wow. finally. really, like finally. it is working wonders.

barbell bench really doesn’t do anything for me, but it is such a hard thing to not do cuz of how baked into my head “must do barbell bench” has always been

so this is going to be my main staple of chest for the next 3 months.

  • flat/low incline dumbbell press
  • decline cable press
  • dumbbell pullovers

warmups will be basic pushups.

Do you have access to rings or blast straps? Big time pec pump doing pushups on rings as you can squeeze inwards at the top.

not at this current gym, no. I’ve heard rings being amazing for chest pumps, when I get the chance I’ll definitely get on those.