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Why Can I Bench 265x5 but Fail at 275x1 ?


What can explain I can I bench press 265 x 5 but fail to bench press 275 once?

This pattern apply to almost all of my lifts. Is that common? Seems strange to me.


Perhaps you lack explosivity?

Train singles for two months with the main lifts.
Explode with good form.

And don't warmup too excessively.


Seems like you have a predominance of slow-twitch fibers... but you can change that. Start training more in the 3 rep range, and include some explosive work before you bench.


Where in the ROM are you hitting a stick point....where would you say you're weakest....bottom (bottom 1/3 off chest), mid (typical stick point for most), top 1/3 ROM lockout???


I'm gonna say it's psychological. If your muscles can move 265x5, they can probably move 300 pounds. You just don't believe it.


It's all in your head bro.


Perhaps because performing a set of 5 reps is NOTHING like a single! Form changes quite a bit and it's simply not the same feeling as having 100% or even 100+% (in cases where you're really trying to see what you can and might do) in your hands.

Do you train in the 1-3 rep range? If you want to get good at singles, you have to train at 90+% of the max.

If you're trying to be a bodybuilder, what's the concern for?

If you're trying to be a powerlifter, then get on a program specifically geared for improving the bench. There are quite a few: Metal Militia, Westside, linear periodization (a la Kirk Karwoski, Ed Coan), Smolov. Try one, see what works best, and then eventually over time come up with YOUR OWN shit.


Dude, 5 rep sets are quite different than 1 rep sets. Ask any accomplished powerlifter or anyone who regularly performs singles.


post a video if you can


Im going with the mental hang up too. get a good spotter to help you get past it.

Try this too. Load up the bar with 300 lbs. get in proper bench press postion and all that. Have a spotter give you a handoff. Just hold the bar. Get used to having heavy weight in your hands. Dont try to rep it, just hold it for a bit then rack it. Then go do your work


bottom 1/3 off chest


Work on getting more leg drive/stronger lats then.


I'll try this. I'm training at home with in powertek rack with safety pin, I will not even need a spotter.


My rep scheme, here is my last bench press session:
bar x 25
135 X 6
175 x 3
195 x 3
215 x 1
235 x 1
265 x 5
245 x 6
235 x 6

I'm trying to be a bodybuilder.

No important concerns, I'm just trying to be better and improve and I found this strange, maybe people could give me a trick or something to fix that will make me progress quicker.


I agree. However, two things:

1) 10 pounds for four reps? He may not be able to bench 300 (because of the differences you speak of, he may be better at the 5-rep range) but there's no way he shouldn't be able to do 275.

2) For someone struggling to bench 275, the 5 rep sets vs the 1 rep sets probably aren't nearly as different as for someone trying to bench 400 pounds.


Fair points. I think it's strange too--not being able to do a single with 10 more pounds than a 5 RM.


Did you try benching 275 AFTER doing 265x5?

Also, get us vids, they always reveal more than words. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000,000


You dont even know 1,000,000 words crazy guy


When you tried to bench 275, what did the warm up (or ramp or whatever you wanna call it) look like?


Correct and from personal experience even 3 and 5 reps are a world apart. To be good at something, you must practice it. If you want to maximize our 1RM you should train in the 1-3 rep range.

Chances are that your muscle and nervous system maximum is somewhere between 265 and 270... you are just very efficient at maintaining that maximum over the course of 5 reps.