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Why Boxing is Better Than BJJ for Self-Defense


Small Canadian woman knocks the fuck out of a British sergeant.

I expect this thread to be ruined by people who take themselves too seriously.
And go!


The comments are pretty hilarious and typify the average Daily Mail reader. :wink:

'What a cracking lovely lady she is, 5'3" sorting out pratts showing up our brave soldiers, drunken fun or not, this type of behaviour deserves a punishment of some sort.

Fantastic, this lady deserves a medal, I would love to have seen it.'

"The Daily Mail: bigoted in public, so you don't have to be! "


Those comments are ridiculous. What a wild fuckin story.


A man had his nose bitten off. That is a highly committed biter.


I think the lesson here should be: initiate violence and your husband's nose gets bitten off.


I don't get how that works.
A woman goes nuts and beats the shit out of everyone.
Someone thinks it's a good reason to bite her husband's nose off.
And the fact that there are charges for the woman punching a guy, but not for the husband having his nose bitten off.


The headline almost made me wet myself with laughter.

But the story is so surreal I almost had a headache.

It's a funny old world


Or a really tasty nose...