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Why Bother Eating Potatoes While Bulking? Hardly Any Calories

Iv’e been lifting 3+ years and I’m trying to bulk from 78kg to 90kg.
I was 83kg, and went down to 78kg :frowning: in like 2.5 weeks
current diet (changes weekly)

Meal 1:
2x slices of white toast with butter
100g powergrain cereal (392 cals(i weigh all my food out))
just over 1 cup milk with cereal
1x banana (medium size I think, or medium small sometimes)
30g almonds (had 50g cashews last week, but almonds taste shit!)

Meal2 (preworkout):
like a small burrito (burrito wrap, some vegetable rice, 1.5 hashbrowns) - not that much calories, dumb meal lol but the weeks almost over and I wont have it again haha

Meal3 (postworkout):
1 cup strawberry milk
250g vegetable rice, 125g chicken breast

2 eggs, 3 toast = french toast
4 blocks choclate (just over 100cals i think)

and some tea throughout the day

guessing theres not much cals in all that even though it feels like im eating quite a bit.
I need 4000cals to bulk so I’m trying to create a cheap diet plan thats not super unhealthhy
A common food recommended is potatoes, but why? Google says theres only 77cals per 100g and at $3 for 1kg it doesnt seem like such a good idea haha!

Any one want to share their mealplan ideas with me :slight_smile:

Yeah theres like just over 3k cals in my current weekly plan (makes sense now fuk). Why is food so expensive yall

I just eat a lot of meat and veggies.

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That doesn’t even look like 3k calories

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Your diet includes: white toast, strawberry milk, hash browns (which are potatoes…), French toast, and chocolate. And you think adding potatoes is a bad idea?


from a calorie point of view lmao

But it does look like maybe 70g protein for the day. :facepalm:

That’s, like, the opposite of what was supposed to happen. You lost a lot of weight pretty quickly. What went wrong? Did you get sick or something? There’s no real way you could’ve been trying to gain weight and accidentally lost that much that fast.

Because they’re cheap, easy to cook, and a good source of unprocessed carbs. Going by the calorie is a limited viewpoint. 100g of spinach is around 20 calories, but it’s still a good idea to eat it.

In the US, you can get 10 lbs (4.5 KG) of potatoes for around $4. Maybe they are much cheaper in the US, compared to your location?

Cummon man.
I’m trying to bulk on a budget. I’m still eating chicken and veggies in my rice, and a banana with some nuts, also egg…
Those are just to help me meet my calories…
Maybe make a suggestion for a substition instead of hurr durr meal 1&2&3&4 arnt lean meat with kale…

damn @mnben87 thats a good deal. Western Australia - free range eggs here are around $4 for a dozen. ofc caged eggs are like 2.60 but still :confused:

I think the US has cheap food prices. I actually did look up that price.

Standard large eggs in my location hover around $1/dozen. Sometimes, stores will have them for $0.50 a dozen to get you in the door.

Maybe answer the questions I asked in my post.

I never said anything close to that, but I will say: hurr durr, meals 1, 2, 3, and 4 only add up to about 2,600 calories. I wasted time checking. Try harder. Plan better. Eat more.

Hit a dozen eggs a day in addition to three meals, and/or a pound of ground beef a day, and/or two roast chickens a week.

Google “Big on a Budget” and watch a few YouTube videos that Animal released if you’re seriously having issues finding cheap calorie options.

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6 cups rice
16 oz meat (raw weight)
4 eggs
2 tbsp peanut butter
2 apples
2 bananas
2 tbsp olive oil

That’s 3000 clean calories (380c, 98f, 153p). That can be $3-$5 dollars a day total.

You can use that as a baseline and go from there. If you need 4000 calories, just make one extra shake a day with milk, yogurt, oatmeal, peanut butter, and some nuts/seeds. You can get to 4000 EASY.

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