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Why, Berardi? Why?

All the data you’ve presented in your new article is in your new DVD! you’re giving up a whole business!

just tell them part II of the new article is in your DVD!!

Damn dont be so selffish. Are you saying that if you knew that JB was going to give away this one aspect of his new dvd you wouldn’t have purchased it.

I am not trying to be an ass if it comes off that way. It is just that by posting that article JB is saving many of us here on the forumn a lot of time. Seemingly everyday there is a post about how to gain mass and limit fat and we lay out much of the same plan as he did in the article. Only his looks a hell of a lot better with all the scientific support and his elegant use of Matrix quotes. Also who else could fit Newtons apple experience into an article on aimed @ weight training.

Once again, Thanks JB