Why Avoid a Fat Burner if You’re Fat?

I’ve been researching into clen and it seems like it’s an effective tool to aid in fat burning. My question is why are people who are overweight told not to use it? Seems kind of backwards to me when they should be the people who need it the most. I understand, that being overweight is a sign of lack of discipline and blah blah blah. But say they dieted, worked out, and took clen all while maintaining discipline, wouldn’t clen work wonders? And by overweight im talking someone with a bf percentage in the 20s. But it would be interesting to see the effects it could have on obese people as well.

That’s pretty much it. The “blah blah blah” part glosses over a lot of issues that clen won’t solve. But if someone is an adult who wants to lose weight and makes the informed decisions to take it then that’s their prerogative. Should they? Probably not right away. But after say six months? Go for it.

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Why take the potential risks for something you can achieve entirely on your own? While being healthy… instead of health risks.

It’s probably better to get diet and discipline in order and steady so when the fat is lost it will remain that way. Taking something to lose weight before then makes it very hard mentally to not use it as a crutch and makes it hard to convince yourself you can lose and/or keep the weight of without the help of a substance.

Cardiovascular strain, that’s particularly why overweight people should avoid fat burners

Meh. They’re already fat, it’s not like they got that way eating too much broccoli. Their hearts are already ticking time bombs.


Obese people have a high cardiovascular risk. Clen makes the heart work overtime as it stimulates Adrenergic receptors. So the Infarkt Risk goes way up. Wouldn’t be surprised if an obese person starts to do sports and takes clen and then drops dead with a heart attack. Both stress the unadapted system if done too much.
Secondly, you desensitize your adrenergic receptors so after coming off you’ll feel like shit. And you have to come off cause you can’t take more and more.
Fat people lose fat faster than lean people so take that as motivation, make a cut and get healthy. Clen is not the way to get healthy.

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Think of it this way, that overweight person who does not eat healthy goes and uses clen to basically get their metabolism up to what a normal healthy persons would be. Then they come off have that period where the metabolism is even lower than normal and it slowly comes back to the regular unhealthy overweight metabolism. There is just no positive ground gained. It damages health for nothing.

Also any performance enhancer will only magnify your input. If your input led you to cookies cake burgers and fried vegitables (they are tasty but not healthy) then clen just has too much to work against to even be productive. Where as that overweight person has a eye opening slap in the face then restructures everything about their diet adding in exercise and makes some good ground on their own. When they get so wrapped up in making a goal of head to toe definition below 6-8% body fat they manage to get pretty close but hit a wall. That is when clen could actually help a bit and as long as they keep up the exercise and proper diet they can probably hold on to some of the gains they made with the help of the clen. For the record even in this case I don’t think I would say the clen use is warranted, it just has health risks and we are not professionals requiring a certain level to compete and get paid.

No performance enhancer works for a damn without you putting in crazy amounts of effort. There is just no magic pill or secret injection.