Why Attacks on Trump Don't Work

Yeah, I saw that he is not nearly the business man that he pretends to be. Then again when you are running against Hillary Clinton you don’t need to be anything special to win.

Partisan anti-intellectualism is exactly why Trump - a dangerous disgrace to the nation - is the GOP’s nominee for 2016. It’s also why you’re a political clod.

P.S., I for one cannot wait for ZEB’s sabbatical starting November when HRC wins and wins big.

The documentary showed Trump making decisions that hurt the league, for his own gain.

More than competing with the NFL for ratings or whatever, he wanted to use whatever angle he could to pressure the NFL into absorbing some of the USFL. That way, his investment in a USFL team would be worth more. And that it didn’t matter to him if the whole league folded up, and all the other teams lost money.

Like a hostile take-over, 80’s Walstreet kinda move. Basically, promising everybody everything was gonna be great, then trying to line his pockets.

I was drinking and trying to cook dinner when it was on. I was hoping somebody else remembered more specifics.

Of all the people underestimating Trump…Hillary Rodham Clinton is not one of them.

If she is smart:

  1. she will not DIRECTLY attack Trump…or all Hell will be unleashed on her.

  2. she will “direct” (at least as much as she legally can) the SuperPACS to not make it an “Anti-Trump” campaign…but instead make it as much about her “positives” as she can.

It seems to me that for every Trump negative…she has about three.

The math just doesn’t add up on the “negative” front.


It’s been a while since I saw it…

But it seems like that was the direction Trump was headed only AFTER he understood that he was going to lose to the NFL Cartel…or maybe a merger was the angle from the beginning?

(Again…its been a while…)

I think you’re largely correct on why negative ads have not hurt him in the primaries Mufasa, but I side with LegalSteel on the general, on one condition: that HRC and the super pacs figure out how to modify the attacks made. Currently they feed his appeal. For example: http://blog.dilbert.com/post/143944074406/a-few-observations-on-clinton-trump-persuasion

and it does not seem that HRC currently understands the angle she needs to take. http://blog.dilbert.com/post/144298567696/the-mother-of-all-campaign-errors

I view it as an election that has on two possible scenarios:

  1. A total Blood Bath by Trump or Clinton; OR

  2. Being One of the closest elections ever. (Bush/Gore would be hard to beat, I guess?)

However, it’s one where the “winner” comes out bleeding, missing an arm and an eye…

It won’t be pretty.

So are you also on board with the idea Trump isn’t an idiot but masterfully using his powers of persuasion to win over voters?

Agree, Aragorn:

Again…I just think that for every Trump negative…HRC has about three or more…

And what Trump will unleash will not be Precision Tomahawks…it will be Battleships of the U.S. fleet unleashing a 1 week-long barrage on Iwo-Jima.

It will be continuous…and it will be relentless.

Count on it.

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Talking pretty big there junior. How would you like to put your time where your mouth is? If Hillary does not become President you disappear for one year from PWI. That means no posting under your name or any other name. We all know your modus operandi is to post other peoples words, but in this case you can’t even post under another name.


What do you say you little insecure knit wit?

He did the same thing with MMA. He and another person began a league called “Affliction” (I think that was the name). Three tournaments later and it went under.

Let’ s see now how does that compare with the many sins of Hillary Clinton? I’d say pretty darn favorable.

That is what the Trump haters either fail to see (because they are sooooo smart), or just plain don’t want to acknowledge.

You forgot #3: Hilary Clinton indicted which if it happens before she gets the nomination the DNC will parachute in Uncle Joe Biden leaving the Bernie supporters even more pissed off than they already are.

See why I can’t take these little dick weevils seriously?

Captain predictable comes marching in as the grand pooh-ba of anti-anti-intellectual parade that he is the only member of.

Ohh! I better be careful. He’s gonna find something someone else wrote and throw it up in our faces like its his…

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Oh, there’s no doubt. The Trump attack armada will takeoff and nuke the planet from orbit, just to be sure. However, I don’t think that this is a game that Hillary has to lose by any means. I think the current tack she is taking is playing directly into the reasons Trump beat 16 other better qualified GoP candidates (as witnessed by the twitter post I linked along with the blog). I do believe there are ways to hammer him, and I frankly tend to favor LegalSteel’s analysis of the stickiniess in the General.

I said it before and I stand by it: I do not consider it a foregone conclusion at all that an HRC presidency would be catastrophically worse than a Trump presidency. However, from the standpoint of the “mob” and the mud bath about to commence, I agree regarding the negatives–in attack ad form ONLY though (this also includes twitter items as above).

No. Not at all. I am of the opinion that Trump is sui generis, at the right place and right time for riding the wave of anger and discontent that has been building for so long now. He knows how to command media, and is using that to his advantage, but his primary advantages are a) being completely outside and a totally new political animal, which people have not come to grips with yet, b) his at will command of media through his outrageous behavior, and c) his timing in coming to the forefront of an angry tide. But he is not masterful in the way you asked. I believe, however, that his ego will tell him that he is masterfully doing all of this. He is an egomaniac, and I see parallels with Putin’s attitudes.

If you want perhaps 3 left wing loon Supreme Court Judges appointed

If you want taxes hiked. I don’t know your income bracket but she would hit me hard as Obama did. None of it helps the economy. But, it does punish those who work hard.

If you want slick Willie back in the news attacking women and boffing bimbo’s.

If you want total incompetence in leadership abroad (not as bad as Obama) but certainly bad enough.

If you want your daughter (should you have one) standing next to Transgender people in the girls room.

If you want the left wing pro global warming nuts to influence Hillary to actually work to close down coal mining as she has promised.

If you want all of that happening while the Clinton Foundation goes on its merry way unmolested by the Justice Department…

If you want all of the above and most likely far more then Hillary is your girl.

Yeah…he wasn’t even a gleam in his father’s eye when Bill and Hillary were in power. He understands none of it, nor does he want to.

The history that he has read does not depict the Clinton’s in an unfavorable light. We all know who writes most of the history books and their political leanings.

One more reason Trump wins in November. Those who were not adults in the 90’s will get a really great education on Hillary and Bill.

Mufasa is spot on this will be the dirtiest campaign in decades. Keeping in mind that telling the truth about the Clinton’s past is nasty enough.

Considering that fundamental difference Mufasa and I were discussing, do you think she’s running her own campaign for prez, or against Trump?

Hillary is not “my girl” and I fucking hate her. So stop it.