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Why Aren't You a Personal Trainer?

 Some guys here sounds like experts and knows a lot when it comes to building muscle.  You take pride in lifting and everything.  So why don't you want to get paid for something you love to do, teaching others along the way?

Because you would have to work with idiots? -both other trainers and trainee-

I am pursuing a BA in Sports and Health Sciences-Athletic Performance while in the military. After retirement, I would like to do strength coaching at the high school level, get the kids when their fresh and teach them the right way to do it.

As far as personal training, I have no interest in working with the general population in a ‘fitness’ environment. I have little patience for people who go through the motions because they think they are supposed to be going to the gym…isn’t that the in/healthy thing to do? Trying to motivate someone who doesn’t know what the word means sounds like a shitty job.

What is motivation? Motivation is a guy passing Hell Week in BUD/S, going into a hold status due to injury, starting over at day one, making it through Hell Week again, going on hold status again because his wife was diagnosed with cancer, staying on hold for a year or so, and starting Hell Week a third time – when he was finally given a pass during breakout, because he did it all with a smile on his face and the instructors saw that.

True Story.

working with motivated athletes who wanted to succeed would be awesome. Working with the general population would suck. I can sometimes understand why pt’s put people through such idiotic training sessions- because they don’t care and are just putting their time in, both the pt’s and the people.

Because I’d have to deal with unmotivated people and it doesn’t pay enough unless you work with celebrities.

shizen’s remark is pretty good.

for me it’s four things:

  1. i was turned off by the economics of personal training… i didn’t feel right about charging the kinds of fees necessary to make a good living in the fitness industry. i don’t think anyone should have to pay $50 an hour for exercise. i feel slightly differently about this now.

  2. the situation with gyms and facilities… unless you own your own gym, you often have to play by somebody else’s rules… you train clients how the gym tells you train them… and often have to peddle shitty supplements and gym memberships as part of your job… i would never do that…

  3. the whole field is totally inundated with bullshit artists and it’s difficult to compete with commercially motivated pseudoscience

  4. i’ve changed my opinions on training too many times

[quote]belligerent wrote:

  1. i’ve changed my opinions on training too many times[/quote]

Ha. Me too.

Id rather help those around me… and give tips to kids in the gym.

The hours , other people’s schedule

Low wages, in my country at least, and I wanna become a doctor.

I don’t charge people for help when I’ve been given everything for free. If helping people ever becomes a burden and isn’t enjoyable then A) I won’t help enough people to get to that point or B) I’ll charge them one flat price and not by the hour. You want 30 lbs of muscle(insert goal here)? X amount of dollars. Not some 40-100 dollars a session crap.

[quote]shizen wrote:
Because you would have to work with idiots? -both other trainers and trainee-

i thought that happens with any job really

and uhm because im not an expert yet. though i seem to already know more than 90% of the people that go to my gym

I did it for a while for some side money, but unless you’re dealing with high end clients, the pay is not great. I don’t see how some trainers make ends meet if it’s their only source of income. And yes, to agree with what’s been said already, most people you train are unmotivated and just need someone to keep them company. It’s not really fun at that point, it becomes less about you helping someone, and more like a piad friend/babysitter.


I was a full time trainer at a Gold’s Gym for about a year and it sucked. Management only cared about new sales, so even if you had 50 clients but had zero new sales for the month, they assumed you weren’t doing any work. On top of that, I’d say that the majority of people were unmotivated, complained, told me about how drunk they got that weekend, wouldn’t show up, one even gave me a recipe for deep fried oreos after her initial evaluation she had listed them in her diet and I told her I had never even heard of them.

The clients who came in and worked hard were awesome though, I will say that.

Right now I’ve got a couple of people I help out on a regular basis, no money is involved, but they are all motivated on their own, so I could care less about being paid.

Because personal training doesn’t pay enough.

I’ve thought about most of those reasons. lol I can imagine even on the best workout program I’d blow my top if the person keeps on eating all the wrong foods which makes my job harder. Then comes the complaining of getting no results.

I like making money.

I want to open my own gym, and train people who are serious. And just collect cash from people who aren’t.

[quote]texasguy2 wrote:
Because personal training doesn’t pay enough. [/quote]

I’m not quite there yet, lol but tell that to several of the trainers at my gym making six-figures easily

you just have to be a good sales person

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
texasguy2 wrote:
Because personal training doesn’t pay enough.

I’m not quite there yet, lol but tell that to several of the trainers at my gym making six-figures easily

you just have to be a good sales person[/quote]

Is the gym you work at on Rodeo drive?