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Why Aren't Thread Titles Clear in Over-35?


Just interested, but in other sections of T Nation a thread title generally reflects the topic of the thread, such as "how do I get my squat to increase". In the over 35 section the thread titles are almost a collection of random words which have no connection to what usually turns out to be a log.

Is this just that the older folks are being "witty"?


The majority of threads in the over35 forum are logs. I think the reason there are less "how do I increase my bench?" type questions is that by the time you've been lifting for a few years you tend to know what does or doesn't work by now. Those questions are generally asked by newbies. I guess if the thread doesn't start with a how, why, what, where etc you can assume it's going to be a log.

That's not to say that questions don't get asked, they just tend to get asked within logs.


Its because the other sections of T-Nation are full of retards.

You should already know how to get your squat to increase after being on the site for thirty minutes.

Really the only person confused is you.


thanks FarmerB, that was helpfull


on the other hand, Joe, that wasnt so helpful


Actually, if you frequent this particular forum enough, you'll realize just how helpful Joe's comment really was. If I may translate for you...this particular forum lacks the 'trolls' and buttsnorts the can, will, and do peruse the other forums. They just don't last here. If one shows up, we tend to ignore them and they just get sent to the the cornfield. Bonus points if anyone can figure out the aforementioned reference. Around here we don't have the time for nonsense. You understand.


Now I might be being really paranoid here, but was the reference to do with me?

Cornfield - Farmer?

EDIT- Had to look it up. Now I understand, although I've never watched it. Ignore me, sometimes I take thing too literally. Doh!


I think the brotards are creeping in here too. :slight_smile:


Ruglayer, thanks for the interpretation of Joes comments. I see what you and he mean now.




The awesome movie "children of the corn"?


in our "defense", we do occasionally throw up a question thread. the most recent was "first programs". others were "how to keep the damn kids off the lawn" and "get a job and a haircut you dirty hippy"


I can see that I'll need to continue with inappropriate use of inverted commas. Their use seems to be "popular".

My definition of popular in this context is "like Ricky Gervais hosting an awards ceremony"


Nice. How is the 5/3/1 coming? Fighting a shoulder injury now that is driving me crazy.


We are all a little addle brained here. And easily ....

DJHT, in the new avatar, is that a pit or an american bulldog?



^ That is my Boxer, he has one brown eye and one blue and no he is not deaf.


I like burritos.


Awesome dog. I like Boxer's.


There is left over pizza in the lunch room.


An episode of The Twilight Zone