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Why Aren't There More Stickies?


New to this forum, but for a forum not seeing a ton of stickies.

I feel like there are a lot of people that come here that end up asking the same questions.

I think having some basic stickies for each category would definitely save you guys from having thousands of multiple threads with repetitive information.

Just a thought, thanks!

Should TN Have Sticky Threads?

Not that I have any say in the matter but I actually prefer not to see a bunch of stickies. I learned how to use the search function pretty early on and wish others would as well. And here’s why: I view this forum exclusively on mobile devices and as such have very little screen space, I’m happy it’s not taken up by stickies.


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is the case.

Anecdotally - the Pharma forum here does have several stickies (or at least it used to). The Bodybuilding forum also used to have one as well, called “Do This Routine Instead of That Dumb One” - sadly, even those were/are consistently ignored as first-time posters show up and do exactly what you said, start their own thread to answer a question that was answered four or five times in the past month.

I also used to participate in a forum for long distance runners that had several very nice stickies at the top…and they were consistently ignored by newbies showing up and saying “I want to run a marathon in 3 months, can I do it?”

Stickies tend to be a great idea that never works as well as you might hope. Just have to tell people to learn to use the Search function.


There was a period of time where almost every individual forum - Pharma and Beginners and Bodybuilding and Over-35 and Supplements & Nutrition and Combat, etc. - each had a handful of stickies that covered “the basics” and linked to some of the more popular/useful topics in that section.

But it got to the point that not only did the stickies start cluttering the forum (having to scroll past five stickied threads to get to the current topics), but people simply stopped clicking on them for whatever reason. As time went on, the thread views on the majority of stickies stayed roughly the same, so we know people weren’t checking them.

If a question does now come up somewhere that’s “repetitive”, it’s easy enough to either directly link the member back to whatever recent discussion, or tell them to use the Search box, or just be a pal and answer it again.

But I don’t really see a ton of reposted threads, other than “form checks” - which do require their own threads for posting video and giving critiques - or for “how’s my program/diet?” - which do require their own threads to get detailed answers.


I think on a site which is mostly built on opinions there is a distinct need for new threads asking old questions. Opinions change, new methods are found, people try new things and get better results. Also new people join who may know a thing or two, you would miss there advice if you only read a sticky or search and read old posts.

If there was a sticky “best way to lose 20lb” would it apply to everyone the same? Situations differ and so should the advice.

and it’s already been stated, if someone is gonna ask a stupid annoying irritating question, they will do it regardless!