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WHY Are You In This Forum?


If you actually lift weights to see above average progress, I am not speaking to you.

I just want to know why guys who seem to think everyone really big has a small dick and mother issues come here.

What brings you back to post in forums that clearly involve those who push the limits only to claim that you do NOT have this goal?

What do you get out of it?

Do those who do this actually have the balls to discuss it openly or is troll status the most we can expect?

  • grabs popcorn *


Hah, I was waiting for your latest reponse to the silliness in the 21" arms thread. I didn't think you would create a new one. It seems like there is a lot of trolling going on, as people who read and post in the bodybuilding forum couldn't possibly actually be against 'bodybuilding', could they? That is, unless they interpret bodybuilding as general fitness and the goal of looking like Chris Shugart.


hey fuck you prof x what do you know?

...actually I just wanted to say that I hope the big guys stay and keep giving out valuable advice. It seems like the majority of the small guys think they know everything. However, there are a few lanky dudes like me who are working hard, making progress, and keeping an open mind.


Regardless of where you go on the internet, no matter the topic or site there will be people like that. Sorta have to take the good with the idiots.


Maybe we need another sticky.... Something like...

"New to the bodybuilding forum, read here first!"

Then an explanation as to this is a forum geared towards building large muscles. For general fitness information and guidance, go to the beginers forum etc.

Maybe it would help a little. The older i get the more I come to accept how stupid the human race is in general. We are brought up to think people are the masters of this planet blessed with a wonderful inteligence. We aren't so special afterall. Most of us are idiots.


I respect bodybuilding and try to learn from it. In all endeavors people mistake their personal experience for universal thruths and sometimes you can hurt us regular guys by saying what's good for you is good for everybody. Attaining potential is a matter of starting with theory and adjusting according to your own body's reaction. Obviously I don't post much but anymore but I used to think I could learn by asking questions.


I think our dicks are longer than the arm circumference of the small guys talking shit. An in some cases, our dicks are thicker than their arms.


ey carnal what's all this talk of dicks and arms? Admit it you just spanked it huh..

all jokin' aside. I think prof x should receive mod status. That way you can ban any trolls with a simple click. the forum would be squeaky clean in no time jaja


Shit, I think that if the prof were a mod, anyone that posted anything remotely questionable would be insta-banned and we wouldn't have any posters soon after, lol.


Same reason you see buck 20 lb guys with knee high black socks, sunglasses and "punk ass hat" ON while sitting on a bench under a smith cage, talking to his "bro" on the phone bout he got so wasted last night. They just want to be seen/heard/loved. You guys are too mean about herding the retarded sheep, just do what i do. Give them a light tap on the shoulder, smile, and point them in the direction of the daycare center.


I think it would help if there was a forum for Crossfit type training. It could be called General Fitness or something like that. As it stands now, I often find that all of the 3 main ones (Strength, BB, Combat) are a bad fit for some of the threads I want to post. And Off Topic is a last resort that you want to avoid.

Just my 0.02 euros... :slightly_smiling:


Personally I learnt how to shut myself up when I first came to this forum. I realised, that fortunately there are guys much more bigger-experienced-stronger than me, and I'd virtually no right to argue them, as there's still a looong road ahead of me to reach their level.

And that's why I like this place. Even though there are 150 lbs trolls giving advice how to bulk, we have helpful members with astonishing physiques who are also very reasonable too. I think some newbies like me should rather appreciate the threads-responses of those dudes, as we can absorb plenty of REAL LIFE info on building our bodies.

Yet, sometimes we tend to think we "know something the big guys don't", though it's just a delusion, we want to comfort ourselves for not being at their level.

Anyway, thanks for the advanced folk to post their advices, training logs and so on.


I think this thread has potential in the perfect world where trolls will come out with a mature response and there can be an actually intelligent dialogue. Seems like an interesting psychology thing.

BUT, that is obviously extremely doubtful since the point of trolling is to act immature and disregard an actual discussion. They obviously have little interest in being here and entertaining themselves keeps them around. I think the sound of coming to a board with people whom they don't associate and having a real discussion is pointless since they could be on ANY board acting mature since bodybuilding holds no special place to them.

Point is: No reason to get aggravated with them. The easiest way to deal with trolls is giving your index finger a tiny nudge and scrolling past. Life is too short to give attention to those who don't deserve it.


some people just have the ghey.


cuz i dont want to get 'too' big



This thread is kind of like the Obama White House idea to track Americans. Get responses and track people down. But the Constitution prevents Obama from crushing Americans right to free speech and you, dear Prof, don't have the 'right' to shut someone up on these boards.

I thought you became sheriff of the Alpha Cell, so you could have your own protected little world. Why do you bitch and moan out here in Freedom Land?


Professor X,
I've had several debates with you about juice, my experience being many of those who use are really not very knowledgeable about training, and that their progress is a testament to the effectiveness of whatever drugs they are taking at the moment, not their knowledge. That being said, those who use and make good progress even taking into consideration the huge advantage they have given themselves are a different story all together, and I feel differently about these folks, few as they may be.


^ What he said, i fully agree.

Thank you Big People !


WOW, please tell me you are a republican that is accusing Obama for trying to stomp on the constitution. Were you even alive from 2001-2008?