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Why are you here?

This is a question for the non-users on the board. More specifically, for those who have no intention of using. If you have never used but intend on using than I can see why you are here. Conversely if you never have any intention of using steroids why do you read and post on the board? I’m not tying to rip on anyone just curious really. It would seem boring to me if I were in that position.

I lurk in the steroid forum. My intentions are to learn and continue expanding my knowledge of training and related subjects (steroids would be related). There is also a good deal of entertainment, watching some of the users flame others for asking inane questions.

The dark side really is alluring and romantic.

I am in here for the same reason as Brent.I have used Clen if that counts for anything though so atleast I can relate to that…

Training and Nutrition, questions on training programs, other peoples expriences, although i rarely read the steroid forum

I’m a lurker here… post once in awhile. I used steroids over 20 years ago but do not intend to use again.

One of the reasons I “lurk” here is because I am curious about the motivations of those who use steroids… i.e., why do amateur and in many cases non-competing people use steroids.

To be honest with you, moderate or light steroid usage I can agree with, not that I’m going to run out and do it myself. However, IMHO some of the amounts of steroids being taken that are posted on here by users is crazy. Keep it safe and sane.

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  5. I’ve never juiced, but if I had the opportunity, I would without hesitation.
    Reason: bulking mass.

I’m a lurker who plans on using in the future but I wanna edja-ma-kate myself first. Been learning for over 2 years now and plan on trying my first cycle within a year or so from now.

As a female, I will never use steroids. However, I lurk in the steroid forum because I find the subject to be very interesting and as someone else mentioned it can be highly entertaining.

I am getting school’d.

I have every intention of using testosterone supplementation after I reach 40. Since I have 10 years, I have plenty of time to learn the in’s and out’s.

Also, I use this forum to equip myself with knowledge when lay-persons make stupid fucking claims about steriods (xuse my french). Rather than bitch-slap someone, I prefer to jack with their head and throw the info.

Do you feel that!?!?! Huh, huh, can you feel it!?!!


well i like to read T-mag when i eat breakfast usually, and when ive read the other stuff that interests me i look here for something else to read. Having said that, idont post here because i have nothing to contribute. I dont personally use steroids and never will, but i have nothing against those who do, and i agree that people who are against it should not be preaching about it here as this is not hte point of the forum.

I usually just lurk too. I’m planning to do a cyle down the road but, I still have to get some of the basics dialed in first. I figure it’s better to educate myself now so that when I’m ready, I’ll know what I am doing.

Also, I sometimes get asked about steroids by others, so rather than simply saying “I don’t know,” I would like to be able to pass along legit info.

Pharmacology is fascinating, isn’t it?
If I ever reach the point where I’m pushing my limits “supplementing” with low doses of androgens doesn’t seem like a bad idea…
The more I educate myself on these issues, the more I belive that carefully planned controlled use can be safe.
Plus the great laughs one gets in here :slight_smile:

Don’t imagine I will EVER use–Mag-10 is my limit–but when intelligent and experienced people are talking about something related to a subject important to me, I like to listen and learn.

…and ditto jackzepplin’s 3rd paragraph.

pure curiosity.

I never plan on using any gear…but in all actuality, Im very fascinated as to what it can do. Ive only been working out a little over a year, so I would have no reason to use…there is so much that my body can still do on its own.

Plus, bodybuilding isnt that important to me, its just something that I do for fun, and to make sure that I dont look goofy or fat…and of course that I stay healthy.

Steroids though, as I said, are just a curiosity, its still something I would never do.

I’m nowhere near my genetic peak yet, but I do plan on attaining it. When I do, I can see myself trying out steroids… just to see what happens, ya know? You only get one shot at this life, might as well get the most that you can out of it. And, since I’ve been lurking here, and learning all that I can, I’m sure that I’ll be a responsible and educated user.

I can see why y’all get so pissed at the preaching of the “all-natural” folks who show their asses on occasion. I can definitely identify more with you guys and your open-mindedness than with the brainshitting of those self-righteous assmasters.

To learn and this is probably the best forum, people aren’t so f-ing uptight about sh*t.

steroid forum? i thought this was a porn site

Basically to learn. I am considering using but want to get all of the knowledge I can before taking that leap.

You’ll find that most non-users are curious about steroids and many are considering using it. I think it is important to learn as much as you can about anabolics before you cross into the “dark side”, as some call it. For example, there as a post about an individual using andriol at 40mgs per day, thinking that he was going to get results. Again, it is better to gain enough knowledge before starting a cycle that could potentially be harmfull to you. Steroids are safe if and only if used properly and that takes either learning or someone knowledgable helping you.

I lurk a little to find out information. I like being able to shoot down people who believe steroids are evil.