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Why Are You a Fighter?


Why fighting and not body building?

Were there influencing factors (ie. life events) in your decision to train combat sports?
Or were you always just a badass?
Do you train to become a better person?

I had a life changing event which formed a desire for me to take more control over my life which is why I moved over to boxing from tong long. But I also love the suprise on people's faces when I say I'm #2 in the state.


i think they compliment each other.

what's the point in building a great body if you can't protect it?


x2 on what macaroni said

I meet a lot of pro mma fighters now that i'm "in" around here, and when they hear that I do traditional bodybuilding workouts on top of MMA I get a very puzzled, sometimes offended look

They always want to tell me you gotta be doing MMA the way its supposed to be done

but they truly do compliment each other...

the body is your fortress...

Also, i've been thinking a lot lately why I started fighting..
I think, I've always been at war with myself, the only time I feel at peace with my body is when I am testing its limits. In the weight room, or on the mats - I feel whole. Its me and my body versus whatever opposes me. I find it to be the ultimate 'bonding experience' between my mind and body. It feels euphoric just thinking about it.

I don't think its some sort of spiritual shit, its just a natural feeling. To trap yourself in a ring/cage with another man and let survival instinct, adrenaline and ability decide your fate is one of the most exhilarating feelings you can get. I'm very emotionally invested in these sports (lifting, mma)... losing at either of them would hurt more than any physical damage ever will


The adrenaline... yeh definately a high point... especially when all the practise falls into place and combinations flow without even thinking.

And what is the point in something that only looks good but probably couldn't fight to save itself? This is why I like fighters over a body builder any day.

I think you have to have the shit punched and kicked out of you to really learn more about yourself. I did.


This question is so relevant to my current situation - I signed up to a Muay Thai gym one month ago, after about 10 years of training (ie, lifting) to get bigger and stronger.

Had done karate seriously when younger but nothing since then. Had always followed the martial arts especially MMA from the mid-1990s.

The lifting got my weight up to a lean 190 (started at 130ish), but kept having the nagging thought: "Okay I'm bigger, but what can I actually DO with my body that's useful out of the gym?"

On a whim I walked into a MT gym near my work one day, and as the head trainer showed me around I just felt like I was coming home. I signed up for a year on the spot - and have loved every second of my training to date. I thought I loved the weights, but this is so much more. Already I know I'll be doing this for the rest of my life.

Still hit the weights a couple of times a week - but now I'm lifting for a purpose other than just to get better at lifting, if that makes sense.



Because its a sport a little kid can do.
Judo and wrestling are two sports where it pays to be small.

I was 4'10 and about 95 pounds in HS.
having played Judo for a few years wrestling was a good fit
how many sports can a small person excel at- at that age.

Stuck with it and it helped pay for school, taught me how to work hard
and gave me challenges nothing else in life could, and taught me how to beat
lifes challenges too



I watched one of my buddies who, at 5'9" and 165 lbs., tap out guys that weighed over 250 lbs. in less than 30 seconds. He's also one of the best streetfighters I've ever seen. I went on to learn boxing and BJJ from him.

Made me realize that having all that weight doesn't help you if you don't know how to use it.


I just enjoy rolling around on the floor with other men.


Me too haha but I get nervous so I stick to boxing. :slightly_smiling:

You guys have forgot to mention how the girls like a fighter! explains a little about the 'scrawny vs. T-Men' thread. Not that fighters are scrawny, but every part of their body has a purpose which exceeds looking good.



i have gotten WAY more girls by being huge and scary looking than be commenting on how i got a dude in a sweet kimura the other day.

granted, i don't fight competitivly, as i can imagine those guys pull retarded amounts of ass.

then again, i'm not a competitive bodybuilder, so my point still stands.



Every part.


In general, I've found that the whole lifestyle of fighting and "bodybuilding" aren't that great for getting girls.

Sure, it's a cool novelty for some of the girls and a lot of them enjoy the physique that comes with it, but someone who trains twice a day/is constantly eating and doesn't have time to go out drinking every night isn't a very appealing catch to the majority of girls I meet in my age range. Slightly older girls seem to dig it though.


I don't fight for girls. I don't lift weights for girls. Personally, I lift weights so I can fight better. It IS a benefit that I'm fit, in shape, nice body etc. The mindset of "doing things to get girls" I've found to be unattractive to women. They tend to want you to have higher ambition than just doing things to get some pussy.

IMO, any woman who's even worth wasting time with is going to be busy her damn self and have some ambition (and redeeming qualities outside of her vagina). I've personally found that the busier you are, the more interested a girl is because you're not just out trying to fuck any girl. So by picking her she actually feels valued.

What girl's DONT like are guys that are JUST bodybuilding or fighting. If you have more to talk about than just those things she'll be interested in you because you're a multi-dimensional individual. Hell the LAST thing she should find out about you is that you fight. Up until then she see's that you don't drink (much), you don't stay out stupidly, you exhibit a lot of self control, you're a multidimensional individual, she can't just have you any time she wants because you have shit going on... That's attractive. No girl wants the guy that's always there just on her nuts.

That said if you're good at what you do, take a chick to the gym and let her see you fight (mma and muay thai are infinitely better for this than jiujitsu) it'll make her wet to see you hit people. But it has to be hitting... jiujitsu just looks gay to the untrained eye.

what most people think of jiujitsu:


I fight because I love competition and being 5' 11'' weighing 135 in HS people told me I could never do it. That and rocking the guitar in a band didn't work out. Since I've started MA's (MT and BJJ) I've found a new love for something to work hard at. I've always had ambition, MMA gives me direction.


lol. who said anything about the 'bodybuilder lifestyle'.

when you look like a bodybuilder (or that you even lift weights, for that matter) i'd complain about it. in the mean time: relax, take a chill pill, stop blowing off hot girls to eat and lift TWICE a day, and enjoy life.


Posting pictures from his own profile - now that's fighting dirty.


That video makes me want to double leg everyone I see, get side mount and put a full hammer lock on til their arm shatters

they'll think twice before calling it gay >:expressionless:


I'm not, I just want to hang out with some and bone some porn stars


I'm quite new to fighting. I only took up boxing 3 months ago, though it only took my first lesson to become completly addicted to it. Previously I was strictly a wieghts user, like justrob posted above I lifted to improve how I looked but still didn't really know what I could do with the body I had built.
I'm still very much at the start of learning, but I'm attacking it with a passion that I never really had with lifitng. And its that passion I want to follow, into a ring and see where it takes me. Win or loose, I still want to see how I'd stand up.


That was piss funny, and very true. I admit that I tried to talk up my BJJ to my missus (we've been together for 6 years, I can occasionally get away with being a douche) and she just laughed at me when she watched it for the first time. Her verdict- gayest sport ever. Not good for the ego.

Interesting to see you guys combining bodybuilding with MA, is something I am thinking about now I've got a bit of a foundation in MA. I train because I had never been hit in the face and I wanted to learn how to deal with physical confrontation. I want to feel comfortable and confident taking care of myself. Seeing as how I am never going to e a serious competitive fighter I see no reason why i can't focus on looking good too- at 6'4" focusing on fighting alone leaves me skinny as hell, not a good look for a tall lanky guy, which kind of ruins the whole training for confidence thing!

Not wanting to hijack the thread, but Macaroni and HangerBaby, do you follow a regular bodybuilding routine and use MA sessions as cardio on non-lifting days?