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Why Are We Still Debating Isolation Exercises?


Because everybody accepts that squats build quads, and leg extensions isolate and help them.

However people continue to ACT like pull-ups and bench don't work your arms at all.

Besides, your about to go on vacation next month, are you going to ask us about how to build your quad sweep for the girlies, or your biceps and abs?


Why, oh why, WOULDN'T you do direct exercises for a muscle? That's the real question to ask. I have yet to see a VALID ARGUMENT against direct isolation work for a muscle group, when hypertrophy is your main goal.


if you're going on vacation next month just lean down, who cares about hypertrophy at that point


what would happen if I used some key words and clicked on search, using the key words I want to discuss and find a thread on it...If I were to comment in that one instead of starting a new one? Would people except there threads or would they loose credibility? To much to ask?