Why are Urologists so Brainwashed by Propaganda?

I was asking for 125mg a week of enanthate, and he replied “haha do you want to become the next guy with big arms?”

Despite the fact that my test Levels are 300ng in the morning……

Ive also asked for aromasin because my Estrogen Levels are WAY to high

He replied: “Estrogen blockers? Nah they are for women with breast Cancer”

despite the fact that my estradiol is 24,9ng, while the normal healthy range goes only up to 23ng

Then i aksed him About HCG because my testicles are WAY to small for a 18 year old guy

Guess what? He didnt even knew what HcG is……

Then hey prescribed me testogel but i still tried to persuade him to give me Enanthate because it is way more effective and stronger

And guess what? He said that Testogel, Enanthate and Cypionate are all 100% the same, just in a different form.

I laughed in his face after that, but i do accepted his offer because i thought that testogel could help me at least somewhat

But no. the testogel did Nothing to me, my red blood cells are still extremly low, my strength has even decreased and my muscle are still not able to grow

even mk 677 is better than this shitty testogel

But some friend i know has anavar, dianabol, testo and aromasin

Should i buy from him?

Sounds like you should find a new dr.

The problem is that you’re 18. You haven’t been an adult long enough yet that any dr is going to believe that you’ve been working a steady job and paying bills long enough to be able to, let alone have the discipline to, pay for anything yourself out of pocket. There may or may not be any validity to these types of assumptions, but I can guarantee you that this is all about your doc getting paid.

He’s probably thinking about what he can and can’t get paid for by the insurance company, and believe me, I’m 41 and my insurance will not cover TRT. It sucks. It’s all a scam and you’re learning this the hard way.

If you have a steady income, I would suggest with your T levels at 18 yrs old (way too low for being so young) that you start seriously considering the possibility that part of your income is going to become dedicated to fixing this problem. You’re going to have to go to a private specialist.

Stay away from anything that your “friend” wants to sell you. That’s a road that leads to problems. Stay legit and get a private doctor to get on board and help you get this straight.

I just realized that you are the same poster that started a couple other threads with a few details that were different (ie you said you were 19).

If you seriously are trying to find help and solid advice, then keep your questions in one thread.

Also, just for clarity, if you’re looking for someone to support you in an effort to illegally abuse AAS (not saying you are but just throwing this out there because you are displaying a little bit of inconsistency, and the fact that you are asking about buying from a friend) then you’re probably barking up the wrong tree.

You’re going to have to shell out some money for a private doc and get all the proper bloodwork ran, and then get a professionally guided and monitored TRT protocol going.

If you go with a place like Defy (as some others here have) you’re probably looking at around 500-600 dollars to get started and around 150-200 dollars a month from there on out.

Estrogen blockers are off label use for men on TRT, they are for women with breast cancer hence the comment and the standard of care doesn’t allow for its use for men. I doubt your insurance would even pay for the HCG, most insurance companies do not pay for fertility treatments so it’s a moot point.

You are not only working with a grossly incompetent doctor, but also one who doesn’t have a lick of common sense and he sounds like an idiot!

Now that you know he’s an idiot you can choose to continue working with him or throw him under the bus and locate a competent, educated professional.

I threw my idiot doctors under the bus and joined with Defy Medical, now I don’t have to deal with idiots anymore.

It sounds like you’re the one brainwashed.