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Why Are They So Big?


I recently went to visit a friend of mine in jail, (beat up a guy with a golf club)... and I saw other of the prisioners, and most of them are FUCKIN HUGE, and not fat huge, they are ripped..
Im not a big guy, i have 17" arms, but I know a good pysisique when i see one.

This guys eat 2 or 3 times a day, and the quality of the food, is questionable. So how do they get that kind of bodies without supplements, high protein diets etc.. ??? Is excersise and rest all you really need?


Sheer determination not to be anyone's girlfriend.


That pretty much sums it up.




Why does this topic come up so much? Most of the people who train but aren't big don't have the drive and determination to even hit the gym more than 2 or 3 times a week.

I mean, who the hell lifts weights 5-6 days a week, eats as much as they can, and truly pushes themselves...yet stays small?

The real question is, why the hell is the gym filled with so many fuckers who are FREE yet can't find the motivation to get big?




predator or prey, which would you prefer to be?
they also get enough recovery time... it's called "lockdown"


Plenty of time for rest and recovery.


The reality, they don't have a helluva lot to do and if they can't get to a weight room, they improvise in their cells.

Its not as much not to be someone's play toy, but more to gain respect and prestige.

The food sucks but there is a good amount of it and they'll hoard good stuff when it comes up or take whatever others don't want.



If you think they don't have supplements you are sadly mistaken. To many prison movies and not enough reality.

If you can get drugs like heroin and crack you can get juice. Prison is just a different way of living. If you have money you get what you want, period.


They get steroids on the inside, lots of them.

rest, workout, steroids, combined with the fact that alot of them were decent sized to begin with...and you have your answer.





People rely on movies and TV as truth, and its pretty far off. The price of drugs (any drugs) is monumental versus the street price. $100 of weed can easily go for $600-$700. Its pretty hard to get into the facility which is why the price is so high. You have some guys juicing, but I would consider them more the exception than the rule. Guys in the joint push weight all day long. If your commissary account is hooked up nice, then you can eat well too. And like someone mentioned before, they have plenty of down time to recover. Cardio is almost unheard of in prisons and jails BTW.


Most facilities require that you are either in education, or you have a job. In most prisons, you can't litteraly lift "all day". But you can spend alot of time out there.

The chow hall cuisine is much like a school cafeteria. Decent to good sized portions of very carb heavy food. You can get tuna, canned ham, canned chicken and some canned fish from commissary, as well as beans, peanut butter and some other protein sources.
From what I hear (from former inmates) steroids are very rare on the yard. Whoever is bringing in the drugs, either dirty staff or visiting room, is going to want to bring in narcotics which will bring them much more money.

I did hear of one guy getting 10 bucks a pill for d-bol, which was brought in by dirty staff. A transaction like that goes like this, we both have people on the outside. You want 100 d-bol. Your people send my people $1000., when my people get the money, you get your stuff. High dollar transactions are done like that. A guy can only use so many postage stamps, you know?


Should we call you out...again?


You definitely know your shit.


In a month hopefully if all goes well.


thats it.

Take the average moron from this site who claims he can't gain size/doesn;t want to get too big and then lists a 2000 calorie diet constructed according to "precision nutrition" principles - and then lock him away with a bunch of sub-human entities for a while and see how the excuses vanish.
I've known peeps who ate insects and RATS in their cell. Raw.......


In an alternate reality, if the chrome & fern layout of planet fitness intersects with a state pen lifting yard for an hour or so....it will be extremely interesting to see whom the convicts choose to "drill" first: the 100 pound cardio bunnies or their 140 pound male trainers.


Priorities. Most people do not want to get big in the first place. And on top of that most guys just want to be seen in the gym, or to tell people they go to the gym. That's the main reason you see 5 guys around a bench at one time and all talking for 20 minutes.

And I'll bet your priorities are completely different than the average gym goer. Yours is probably to try and get as big and strong as possible, or at least something along the lines of that.

The average gym goer is just probably trying to go to get back into shape or to look like that Abercrombie model, not to be jacked in the first place.