Why Are They Called Good Mornings?

Anyone have an idea? Just curious.

It’s the movement, basically bowing down as if saying good morning.

because you start from a bent over position, body at 90 degrees, and then you raise your torso up. Kind of like getting out of bed slowly and raising to stretch.

I have always thought it was because you almost look like you are taking a small bow and I imagine an old butler in England doing this slight bow and saying “Good-Morning-Sir” when he greets his employer

Well, thats what I picture anyway…lol

I think…that the movement resembles the way a proper butler would bow upon greeting his boss with a good morning.

“Good Morning Mr. Atomic Dog”

Atomic Dog “Morning Jeeves, I will be taking my Grow! Latte in the parlor”

Picture waking up to a hot girl bending 90 degrees at the hip – Good Morning!

I always thought it was because the morning after doing them your hamstrings are sore as hell.