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Why Are There Even Protests?

So, came across this article today:

Ignoring the partisanship of the source and looking solely at the body cam footage, the officer issued commands to put the weapon down (after being bum-rushed following the exit from his squad car), the knife is clearly visible and after the third command, the officer defends himself. Now there are protests and riots (again). Since when is it okay to openly attack anyone, let alone police officers?

Favorite line from the article:
“The Anti-Police Brutality Coalition said in a statement that the release of partial video was insufficient, and it wasn’t clear whether Mattson could have used de-escalation tactics or nonlethal force”

De-escalation tactics? Really? The whole incident lasts less than 30 seconds - no time for that. Self-defense is the only option.

One thing I’ve noticed is some people don’t choose the right martyrs. This is the guy they want as the poster child for police brutality?



Extremely bad choice.

The Police Officer was in the right on this one.

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Even the mayor of the city came out and said the officer was right (risky move in today’s political climate).


Simply stated, most people have no real conception of lethal force law or even practicality. Movies, TV and imagination shape their opinions on violence.

Layer the anti-police politics of many leftist activists on top of that and it’s so easy to virtue signal and pretend like you have the moral high ground. You’ll get plenty of media coverage and possibly even deference from local government, should the group decide to riot.

Most people can’t keep their cool in a tense conversation, but there’s no shortage of people who expect a cop in this situation to do the impossible.

I recently started a lethal force discussion thread. It’s in Combat, not PWI. When I have more time I want to explore more events like this in that thread.

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I heard this one last week. The mother of a high school girl was upset at the police for her failures. The kid is in a special school for kids labeled with a mental disorder (to be honest, a lot of them are just assholes). This girl stabbed a classmate with a pencil in the neck (and this was according the mom). For whatever reason the girl’s grandmother was called to come pick up her up from school. She got mad when grandma showed up and ran away. She hitched a ride with a random person and disappeared into the neighborhood.

An off duty officer works at the school to keep the staff safe and do the police cases. That officer “didn’t do enough to de-escalate the girl and calm her down”. He also let her run away.


First, the officer is hired by the school. Pursuing someone off school grounds goes against the wishes of the school (the employer). Second, no good comes from chasing a juvenile for being a runaway. They won’t be charged with a crime. When (not if, when) the officer uses force to apprehend the runaway, she will likely get hurt. So now we have an officer who injured a juvenile for an offense that isn’t charged. What’s the point of that?

But it’s the police’s fault…

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I am of firm belief that this is not a police officer’s job in most situations. It’s not the officer’s fault the person is an agressive ass.


Some people can’t be deescalated. Especially drunk or on drugs.

No such thing as a Jedi mind trick.

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I think a solid throat punch might take the wind out of their sails.

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I’m a nice bouncer. I de escalate by helping them find the ground or just clinching up and working from there.

Throat punch does sound appealing though. Is it bad that the customer I would most like to throat punch is a woman? She’s bigger than me and moving her out the door is the only time I did any structural damage. We literally knocked out a wall.

Good times with de escalation!


Never underestimate the power of stupidity. It has a voice and an audience, equally stupid.
This doesn’t surprise me one bit. This guy could have had a bazooka pointed at the cop and they would protest Police brutality.