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Why are the pros bloated?

Why do they look like pregnant? Is their rectus abdominis too big? Is their transversus abdominis too weak? Do they have too much food inside their guts? What happened with the small waist of people like Arnold? I saw a photo of the top five posing this year in a moment where they were not contracting their abs, and they looked like women waiting for twins. Thanks for your help.

The ridiculous amounts of steroids and GH have caused their inner organs to hypertrophy out of control thus protruding the belly outwards. It is too bad that they get points just for being big instead of having that ultra admirable healthy look arnold had and many others a long time ago.

The reason for the abdominal extension is excessive use of hGh which has caused their internal organs to grow.

Two words: Growth Hormone. In simple terms, Growth Hormone leads to the hypertrophy of the smoothe muscles of internal organs, especially the intestines (intestinal cells have a high growth and turnover rate). I saw something scary in one of the Mags. One of the top “smack talking” Pros was in a Mamba line dancing after a contest(I’m sure the photographer had caught him off guard). He was bloated to the point he almost looked like he had an obstruction. I’ve been researching what the long term effects of NON- threapeutic use of GH is, and haven’t found much. Any body know? If not…we certainly will in a few years…

Bigger organs!!! Correct me if I’m wrong, but that doesn’t sounds healthy.

Where’s Ripley when you need her? It sounds like the movie “Alien”!

…“In The IFBB…No One Can Hear You Scream…”…

That pic of Frank Zane in T-mag doing the vacuum pose really puts things in to perspective. I saw an
Olympia picture of Dorian Yates and he looked like he swallowed a basket ball. I remember a
long time ago seeing Arnold’s most muscular for the first time and I didn’t think it was real.
Call me crazy but I can’t get in to modern day body building at all.

Question>> So why the f*** are they still using so much GH and steroids when they look like bigbellied mofos? Shit…The arnold look and the old school bodybuilder look is much nicer…