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Why are some Olympians so Jacked?

These are only some examples. That’s something to do with TUT? Because im the examples I attached they all grapple or row for long time and they put a lot of effort in a short-medium time. What do you think coach? Maybe frequency and volume it’s more important for naturals than volume? What examples could you gave us, merely mortals? Thank you for all your years answering us keep up the great for a lot more!

The obvious answer is performance-enhancing drugs. OR completely freaky, out of this world genetics. These guys are the exceptions. They stand out among their competitors who do pretty much the same type of training and sport practices. If it was the type of training or the sport training that led to these physiques, all the athletes at the top would look like that. And they don’t.

Wrestlers do a lot of strength work. Plenty of wrestlers in the heavier classes deadlift in the 600-700lbs, bench in the 350-450 range and power clean in the high 300. So they obviously lift heavy. And maybe the sport practices contribute a tad. But again, going back to my original argument, if that was the main reason, all wrestlers and rowers would look like that. Plenty are muscular and lean, but nowhere that level.

You also have guys in the lighter weight classes, or gymnastcs, that look completely jacked. And they have good muscle mass. But the fact that they are often a legit 6% body fat gives the illusion of being a lot more muscular than they really are. A male gymnast is often around 135-140lbs on 5’5" - 5’7"… looks huge and jacked but put them at 12% body fat than they don’t look much bigger than the average bro.

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Smart supplementation.

This question jumped out at me. I believe there were about 11,000 athletes in the 2016 Olympics. There are over 7 billion people in the world. I think that has something to do with it.

Exactly, and for 11 000 olympians there are at least 10x that number of athletes who are VERY close to that level. Out of those 100 000 people you will have maybe 100 who look SUPER JACKED. I’m talking a WTF level. Again, if it was the sport practices and their training that was the main cause, most of them would look like that.

Some are just born with superior genetics. Others (most) use PED and some just are super lean with some muscle and give an illusion.

Thanks for your time!

I wrestled against Cary Kolat in middle school, and also grew up in the neighborhood near Kurt Angle. (Western PA was a pretty competitive region for wrestling)

Even at a young age they were beasts. Like, their talent and strength set them apart from the crowd early and often.

Thats a kid with true myostatin mutation. Eddie Hall and Flex were normal kids.

I think that a lot of bodybuilders claim to have the myostatin mutation to hide their drug use, or downplay it. They can claim to be natural or use baby doses. Me, until I see an actual genetic test from a reputable lab I’ll aways be doubtful. Especially if the guy was a normal looking kid. These mutations are so incredibly rare.