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Why Are so Many WSM Winners Scandinavian?


A lot of people I know have commented on it in the past but I can’t any threads relating to this: Does anyone know why Scandinavia has produced so many winners of WSM? I’m no expert but from my casual interest in the competition for such small countries, they have consistenly punched well-above their weight and even dominated it at times.

I know a lot of them are quite tall but can’t really think of any other reason other than perhaps weight lifting is popular there. Anyone able to enlighten me?

Same reason so many were from Iceland.

And Eastern Europe.


Its popular there. Its gaining popularity here which is why we had so many guys in the top 5 this year.

[quote]brownab wrote:
Its popular there. Its gaining popularity here which is why we had so many guys in the top 5 this year.[/quote]

Well, that and the fact that IFSA competitors were competing in WSM.

for whatever reason strongman caught on in Scandinavia much sooner than other countries.
now that it’s gaining in popularity, we see other nationalities winning big, i.e eastern europe, Polish, and Americans

That’s because unlike Hawaii, Scandinavians actually care about strength sports.

there is also the argument that most of the genetic freaks in America end up playing football or other more lucrative sports (I.E Mark Henry pro wrestling)

Scandinavians dominated in the late 80s and 90s Eastern Europeans ruled the 2000’s and it looks like Americans will take the 010’s

America placed 2-5th last year or it might have been 2-4th and 6th

Because Scandinavians are some strong ass motherfuckers.


Marginally taller than americans or the commonwealth.
The dutch are the tallest and have a population as large as Finland (not strictly scandinavian),Denmark,Iceland and Norway put together (might be stretching it a little) but not much talent in that kind of sports coming from there I think. Yes,I know there was a WSM winner from Holland but that’s an isolated example.

But if I had to engage in futile speculation then I would guess ‘national character’.

to quote Svend karlson “Whiking Power”

It’s all in the hips baby…!