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Why are People Under the Age of 30 Asking for TRT?

I don’t want to sound like a troll, but I am serious, excluding the FEW who have a genetic pre-disposition to naturally producing low levels of testosterone (for whatever reason and have no choice but to seek treatment), I think its terrible that young guys under the age of 30 nowadays are resorting (or even considering the possibility) to TRT. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Going through college, seeing guys get pissed every night, avoid any form of resistance training, eat nothing but plain pasta and tomato sauce, sleep less than 6 hours a night, its not a surprise that many guys have tanking hormone levels before the age of 30.

Now, I realise some guys cant help it, if underlying genetic factors are to blame then yes, treatment is needed, but like obesity, its simply a case of needing to make better lifestyle choices. I have friends who have tanking testosterone levels but refuse to make lifestyle changes and simply seek TRT as an easy way out. I always tell them: if you cant sleep more, eat better, follow a high volume resistance training program and stress less, what makes you think TRT will make you any better!?

When I ask clients how much they sleep, how many hours they work and what they eat, I simply get answers like this: Yes, I eat healthy (in other words, no breakfast, a shit snack for lunch and some ready meal for the evening), sleep around 5 hours and work 10 hours a day behind a computer. Say what? Healthy???!

What do you guys think?

It might sound like a rant, but I follow this forum a lot! I find the underlying science of endocrine issues fascinating but it amazes me how many guys nowadays under the age of 30 are dealing with problems they shouldn’t be dealing with until 70.

Guys shouldn’t be walking around in skinny ass jeans from the childs section. They need meat on their bones, a packed nutritious diet and a full blown resistance training program.


I agree. I often try to post when a newbie under 25 posts about low t. Trt should be last resort.

Look at weight, nutrition, adrenal issues , and maybe pituitary tumor and testicular ultrasound. And thyroid, medications they took or abused. Though rare rule out klinefelter syndrome or kallmann syndrome and delayed or incomplete puberty

Some medications can permanently fuck you up And require trt.

I think it’s necessary for someone under 30 to find out cause or causes and see a good endocrinologist maybe even a pediatric one. It’s complicated shit.

All drs. should run MULTIPLE testosterone tests before prescribing TRT.

I’ve seen (more than once) on here where a person’s dr. ran one test for testosterone, which came back low, and then proceeded to prescribe TRT.


From what I gather, some young guys are TOO quick to jump on the TRT before addressing a whole host of other factors (lifestyle and underlying health conditions).


Copy and paste this 1000 TIMES!!

Mental illness is on the rise and I see some men who aren’t scoring that low in testosterone and are depressed and or have anxiety and willing to try anything to feel better when the problem isn’t low testosterone or a guy trying to fix his libido problems do to SSRI’s.

The lifestyles in this country are typically terrible, working late hours into the night, not eating healthy meals consistently, no physical activity and sitting for 8 hrs a day at work only to return home, eat dinner and watch some TV before bed.

Then you have endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment, processed food and pesticides.

This will eventually lead to low testosterone sooner rather than later in life.

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We have a “lazy” problem in the country. Changing your lifestyle is hard (I should know, I lost 100 pounds). People would rather take a pill or get a shot than eat better or exercise more.

At least for me, I scheduled 8+ hours a night for sleep, but would often go sleepless. Tried different relaxation techniques without much improvement.

I have followed resistance training for years. I have even gotten pretty strong for someone with low test (475, 330, and 485 for the squat with wraps, bench and deadlift).

I don’t eat much garbage, and don’t drink much.

My lifestyle would be one that I would assume would produce high testosterone, but I repeatedly had low testosterone levels (3 test average right around 400 for total T, and average 12 ng/dL for free T). I am only 31, and just started TRT.

The sleep, libido, and erections have improved because of it. Waiting on some other things to improve.

Could I improve? Probably, but I would have to live like a monk. It would be a very restrictive lifestyle in order to get me from bottom of the range in free T, to low normal.

At 30 my TT was 70 about average for a female and my LH and FSH were both almost zeroed out. I Had felt the same for at least A decade and had eventually stopped going to Drs trying to figure out why because it never accomplished anything. A decade of methadone treatment and years of drug abuse before starting methadone is most likely what did me in. I started as a young teen and quit using any substances when i got on methadone. Getting off would take me a couple years minimum at my dose just to see if i could restart my system and also live with the permanent changes made to my brain but I would bet the hormonal damage is permanent. TRT saved my.life marriage and career. Im in the gym almost every day now something i had never done a day in my life prior to TRT. My diet had completely changed, sugar craving were reduced by 90%. I have basically stayed the same weight over the last 3 month’s but I am noticeably dropping fat and growing muscle. For the first time since starting, lowering my methadone dose is something i actually feel good enough to start doing. I was a mess before TRT. Blood pressure, hot flashes, exhaustion, wright gain, brain fog you name it. @weightliftingwithoutlimits just curious about your thoughts on my personal situation?


Yep, for the most part I agree. Some of these guys might just want the easy road or some of them might have really hit a huge cycle and severely damaged their T levels. I think for the 20-30 somethings, its best to see a specialist and run whatever they may need to get their own testes running again.

I do not condemn a younger guy for trying a cycle - but they need to do their research and find out what each substance does to your body, how to dose and how to recover from whatever they decide to take.

Huge issue - Web is both a great resource and a dangerous trap. Even with all of the great information we get on sites like this one with there’s still many with purely shit advice a la "Nah bro’ you’ll be cool…do 400mg Cyp a week + dbol + Deca + tons of AI …then just eat a bunch of clomid when you’re done…you’ll be cool bro, its what everyone’s doing…"

Of course a young and eager guy who doesn’t have the knowledge follows this, feels like superman for a couple months then crashes and feels miserable.

100% agreed - with the exception of a few guys with serious health conditions, I’d guess 90% of the guys in 20-30’s range who have low T, are in a group where they’ve never really been hard chargers in the gym, maybe never played sports, and never knew what not to eat.

We have upcoming generations raised on “fairness & equality” who grew up on Xbox, cheese puff’s and Ritalin. Get them eating just a bit cleaner, lifting a few weights and getting some fresh air, and majority will bounce back to normal levels.

Agreed on this and I realized I was in the same boat, which is why and when I chime in here.

I started looking at TRT when I was 28/29. I’m 32 now and put on like 40lbs since and nearly 250lbs on my total. Honestly, I didn’t want to commit to a lifetime of needles and have to compete non-tested and be at a fraction of what other guys are taking in the same division. I figure I’m making big gains regardless so why not? I was in my 200s when I checked and havent checked since. I wouldnt be surprised if its still kinda low.

The first endocrinologist I spoke to told me to improve my sleep. That helped a ton. I eventually moved my parents in to take care of them and they were retired restaurant owners so food greatly improved - I could shovel down food because it finally tasted good (unlike what I cooked for myself). Then I put myself around better training partners, so training improved.

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I agree but the new era of young men are prone to low trt due to life style choices. They are born in the womb of mothers who are exposed to all types of toxins and etc.

Then you have many children growing up on cell phones, fast food, video games, estrogenic toxins (if I said it right?) and even resent genetic mutations due to parents being harmed before child’s born.

On the other hand there is an epedemic in the gym and high schools and collrged where young men have this need to get huge like the rock. It’s like they are compensating. They do not care for long term because the new generation is all about insta gratification. Just oook at the millennial marketing tactics and goals. One click shopping, buy now pick up today, don’t sit at one job and work your way up - job to job until you have experience. Facebook twitter videos and more.

The insta culture is why guys don’t want to work for long term gains. The rant could go on. Everything’s changed in how our culture operates .

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LOL! This was the biggest scam ever. People don’t do this anymore because they figured out that employers just hire “experienced people” (who went job to job and even industry to industry) from outside rather than promoting from within. They just hire people, give bullshit 2-3% raises annually, and keep people under the false promise that they MAY be promoted in a decade.

That being said, I don’t think accumulating diverse work experience is harming people’s body image or test levels.


No it’s not neccisarily bad but it’s how we are changing and where we are today.