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why are people so damn stupid?

As it seems like world opinion is swaying more and more against Israel and towards the Palestenians, I come to this forum, where I know there is an above normal level of IQ, to ask you, as people that have an ubiased view, WHY???. How the fuck can anyone with a functional brain even begin to believe the bullshit that they spit out? How dumb are these people? How thickheaded are they that they don’t realize that the arabs are lying through their teeth?
It’s getting more and more pathetic everyday. The arabs send some suicide bombers to Rishon le Ziyon, we don’t retaliate, we hope for peace. The arabs then send some suicide bombers to a Tel Aviv club that me and my friends go to sometimes, and Israel decides to retaliate. And the arabs say that ISRAEL is escalating the situation!!! Some dumbasses actually believe that!!! Yesterday, during the annual european music contests, the fuckin Belgians demanded from everyone at home not to vote because of Israel’s “inhumane” actions. What the fuck have the Belgians ever done that they think they have the right to interfere with an issue that they know NOTHING about??
If anyone here can explain to me what the hell is going on here, please, please do.

Why do arabs in general hate americans? Because we are shown siding with Israel by the arab press. World wide the press show Israel tanks firing and the “poor” terrorist firing back with only rifles. So both our county and yours are on the losing end of this “Human Rights” game. Sorry!

Both sides lie. Both sides are guilty of aggression. Both sides are right. Both sides are wrong. It cannot be solved to both sides’ satisfaction. Once religion is involved in a dispute, rationality goes out the window. There is no solution. Either put Sharon and Arafat in a colesium with a bunch of lions and two swords or nuke em all!

The whole situation is beyond any external power’s ability to resolve. I think Avoids is dead on with everything he said. All the Middle East does is provide oil and a never ending sink into which people dump their time and energy.

Because many people for some reason seem to dislike jewish people. It is a phenomenen that has happened throughout history.

Palestinian terroist groups (paid for by many arab countries) target jewish children and other innocents. Isreal targets terrorist and gets crapped on for being violent.

This is the new arab war on jews. Invasion with armies didn’t work so now they are relying on terror tactics and people’s strange dislike for jewish people to achieve their goals. That goal is the destruction of Isreal and of jewish people. If these arab countries are successful you can just imagine which religion they will target next.

Hey, I fewel your pain! The media is easily duped. The world forgets history (it was not too long ago that the Palestianians in Bethlehem and in the Gaza strip were celebrating the WTC “bombings”. It was not too long ago that Arafat organized the bombings of the US Marines barracks in Lebanon (early 1980’s). It was not too long ago that Arafat killed two Unites States Ambassadors (1973), it was not too long ago that Arafat organized the murdering/killing of 11 Israeli athlete’s (1972 Olympics). Trust? Israel is straight with America, Are we to blame for the shortsighteness of our government? We must hold them more accountable. The media will report in any vein that they choose. In order to get a fair view, try to read the Jerusalem Post (jpost.com) and the Arab papers.

The truth hurts, but the truth is that the only pro-Israeli country in the world besides Israel is the United States. The reason for this is the bias in the media in favor of Israel. For example, a couple of weeks ago Palestenian gunmen disguised themselves as Israeli soldiers and raided homes on a Jewish settlement. They shot and killed, among others, a five year old girl. The media spent the entire day reporting this terrorist attack, emphasising the five year old girl. Two days later, a two year old Palestenian girl was killed as a result of a shell fired from an Israeli tank. The media included it on their websites, but it wasn’t mentioned on television. You can bet the rest of the world heard about the death of that two year old. And guess what? They didn’t see it as a civilian casualty. They saw it as an act of terrorism no different than what the Palestenian gunmen did to that five year old. On second thought, they saw it as even more horrendous, as tanks are a bit more devastating than rifles as weapons. The Bus Driver, while you are wondering why the rest of the world is so damn stupid, the rest of the world is wondering the same about you.

Funny how after Sept. 11 Americans responded to Anti-American protests in the Arab world by labeling Muslims as jealous. After all, they were the only Anti-American people in the world. Now that Anti-American protests are erupting all over Europe, Europeans are labeled as jealous. Americans can disillusion themselves all they want. Sure, Uncle Sam, everybody outside of your borders are jealous of your country. Keep reassuring yourself. There are plenty Americans should be proud of. It IS the greatest country in the world. My personal feelings or beliefs aside, however, I can say the undisputable: As long as America supports Israel, Anti-American sentiment will continue to increase around the world. You can call it jealousy. You can deny it. You can argue it. But you can’t stop the burning of American flags around the world. Asia. Europe. What’s next? Africa?

A-f’n-MEN 'Roids! I think it is fairly evident that these two groups jsut enjoy killing eachother. Evidence? Generations of the same cycle over and over, only the weapons used change.

MBE: “Hystorian Hybrid since 1201.”


you said the arabs sent some suicide bombers to rishon le ziyon and that your country didn’t retaliate and instead hoped for peace? awwwwwww peace. peace sounds good, especially since your country is rich and beautiful. peace, since your country has a a great standard of living. the economy is good. the lifestyle is good. yes, peace. listen, bus driver, while you want to live in peace and enjoy the life of opportunity and hope that you have been blessed with, palestenians are living in refugee camps without a future, without dreams. all because your peace-loving country is occupying it. and don’t bother going back however many millions of years to try to justify the events that are occuring today. both sides need to compromise and live side by side. your country sees the harsh living conditions of the palestenians as the result of political and religous issues. your country sees everything politically and religiously. i see it humanely. believe me, neither politics nor religion causes teenage girls to blow themselves up. poor quality of life coupled with despair and a lack of hope does. and while i am against suicide bombers attacking civilians, i am open-minded enough to remain calm when a suicide bomber strikes at soldiers. just because israel has a powerful military doesn’t mean it has the right to defend itself and the palestenians don’t. when the situation calls for it, israel can kill palestenian soldiers with tanks and jet fighters. however, when the situation calls for it, palestenians can also kill israeli soldiers with what little they have - homemade explosives. in regards to this situation, the media doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about. so if a palestenian blows himself up to kill israeli soldiers it is terrorism. but if that same palestenian had tanks and jet fighters and kills israeli solders, THEN it is self-defense. sorry, i don’t buy it. oh, and speaking of tanks and jet fighters, guess which country supplied israel with such handy dandy assets? our country. hmmmmmmmmmmm, i wonder why arabs hate us? yeah, thats it, they just hate us for what we stand for. more like, they hate us for who we stand with. sorry for the long post, i take this whole thing personally because i believe a lot of the blame for 9/11 falls on israel.

“If these arab countries are successful you can just imagine which religion they will target next.” Molsonman, I am assuming you are referring to Christianity. If you are, I have four words for you: Do your fucking research! 5-10% of Palestinians are Christians. Even Robert Kennedy, who many believe was the first American victim of Arab terrorism, was killed by a Christian Palestinian (Sirhan Sirhan). Our media portrays this as a Jewish-Muslim conflict. European media portrays this as a Jewish-Muslim/Christian conflict. This is the reason why a new wave of anti-Semetism is growing in Europe, a continent comprised of Christians. During the standoff at the Church of Nativity, our media distorted the story to make it appear as though Muslim Palestinians were taking control of the church. The reality is that the Church of Nativity is located in Bethlehem, which is heavily populated by Christian Palestinians. The point I am making is that the Palestinians had right to seek refuge in the church. You never heard Pope John Paul II (who by the way is pro-Palestinian) attack Palestinians during the standoff. He did, however, attack Israel for surrounding the church with tanks. Stupid One (or Smart One, IMO), I cannot agree with you more about the bias in the media towards Israel. I wonder how many people have heard the media ever mention that 5-10% of Palestinians are Christians.

Wars end when one side wins. Israel should kill Arafat and all the other trrorist leaders thay can find. What will the Arabs do in response? Kill jews? They already do that. Secondly, Isreael should unilaterally decide what her best DEFENSIBLE borders are and establish them. Then establish a buffer zone, and severly restrict all travel into and out of Israel with respect to Arab states and Arabs. Sounds harsh, but right now Israel is operating like we did in Nam. Doesn’t work. Again, wars end when one side wins. To see a great article on this by perhaps the best thinker on the planel, go here:
http://www.capitalismmagazine.com/ 2002/may/ts_peace_process.htm (Remove spaces after pasting the link.)

The difference between those two cases, stupid one, is that the palestenian gunmen specifically targeted the 5 year old girl, while the tank shell misfired and accidentally hit the 2 year old. In addition, the Israeli Army or civilians didn’t celebrate after the girl was killed by the misfired shell, while the palestenians labeled the gunment as a hero and a shaid. It takes a real man to kill a 5 year old who’s sleeping in her bed, doesn’t it?

Most of the people protesting against us that are not Arab hate us anyway, for other reasons. It is hard for many here in the US to understand, but capitalism is abhorred around the world, because of ingrained altruism in most of the world’s cultures. The fact that it, and freedom, work just makes it worse. This is an involved subject, and too complex to go into here. As for the European nations, they have a problem with supporting Israel and the US because they have large and growing Arab immigrant populations. Their gov’ts know where their bread is buttered. Most Americans love the British (as do I) Most of us are of British decent (as am I), but most could not possibly care less what the rest of Europe or the far east think of us. Personally, I see the Europeans as a bunch of socialist whiners who are always ready to dump on the US, except, of course, when they need us. As for jealousy, that is inevitable when one culture is eclipsed by the achievments of another.

I totally agree with Avoids but I say Fuck 'em both kill 'em all and let God sort them out! End of problems!

Bus Driver, not everyone is as stupid as they seem. Most just have an agenda. The Arabs want to kill you, your family and take your land. It’s just that simple. They want to prove their god is bigger than your (our) God. To me it is easy to see the difference in sides. Pallestinians, and after 9/11 Arabs in general, seem to think taking civilian lives is acceptable. When have you seen a suicide bomber attack a military target? It happened in the past but it’s been a long time. Isrealis retaliate, and if anyone in America says they wouldn’t do the same they’re lying. Driver, I’ve been in your country. In fact I was on shore patrol in Heiffa (sp?) when a ferry boat went down and we lost 22 men to the sea. I saw and felt only understanding and compassion from your countrymen. To the rest of the world, America doesn’t think all of you are jealous, that is the picture our sorry ass journalists paint. In general, we are just a very competitive bunch of people wrapped up in our own lives. Don’t worry about the Belgiums. By the way, what have Belgians contributed to the world except some waffles?

There was another 13yr old girl and her mother killed the other day. You know why?? Because they were where they shouldn’t have been. In a restricted area near the boarder. A place where other suicide bombers have been caught many time before. They knew the consequences of their actions and they suffered them! Do you honestly think the Israeli’s could be sitting back there (from their tank mind you) and saying… oh, heres a 2yr old girl lets blow her face off!! Lets try some critical thinking now, of course not. Now this Palestenian militant dresses like a solider goes into these people house and shoots this girl, in her bed. Do you think he got to see this girl before he shot her?? The answer points to yes. Do you know why?? She was still in her bed. Secondly, we are the greatest country in the world. We are proud and happy to live here. Your opinions of this country are better left on your side of the ocean because we don’t want them. Also, I don’t know why the Arabs hate us? We the only thing keeping Israel from totally taking “Palestein” from them and probably more than that. This whole situation could get really ugly really fast thats why everyone is taking their time and choosing words carefully. If it comes down to it the Europeans and Arabs won’t do anything except run their mouths. Which they seem to do very well. You people tend to forget very easily how we saved Europe from speaking German right now. And half of Asia from speakng Japanese. A lot of men from this so called Satan Country died. Not only for us, but for all of your ungrateful asses as well. Do you think Britain could have defeated Germany, Italy, and Japan by herself? Yea we took you guys from the brink of destruction and we fought together to win the war. Now how about this war? Is Britain and the rest of Europe just going to roll over on us and our allie in our time of need? That is yet to be seen. I guess we’re soon going to find out who our real friends are now aren’t we?

To angry American:
When I was little, my parents taught me a very important rule: If you don’t know what you’re talking about very well, dont argue with others, keep your mouth shut.
“are living in refugee camps without a future, without dreams. all because your peace-loving country is occupying it”
From what I understand, you’re claiming that the reason the palestenians are blowing themselves up is because of their abhorring conditions, right? Let me give you a little lesson in reality- The Israeli government also thought of that, so they give the palestenian authoroties millions of dollars every year to build a better infrastructure for the people. Guess what the the authoroties do with that money? They buy WEAPONS for the terrorists instead of giving it back to the people, and then they blame Israel for the suffering of their people. Pretty noble, isn’t it?
About Israel occupying it- I don’t know if you know this or not, but there was a war in 1967 between Israel and all the arab countries surrounding it, which, of course, was started by the arabs. Israel, of course, whooped the arabs ass, and like what happens in every war, they captured some land. As an American, you probably know that your country occupied western Germany and Berlin after WW2. Did you complain then? No, you didn’t, because that land offered you a strategic position during the cold war. The land that is occupied now offers Israel a strategic position from future arab attacks.

“both sides need to compromise and live side by side.”
Israel wants to comporise, it’s the palestenians that don’t. A few years ago, Netanyahu offered Arafat 97% of the occupied territories in exchange for peace, but Arafat refused. Perhaps you can tell me why?

“sorry for the long post, i take this whole thing personally because i believe a lot of the blame for 9/11 falls on israel”
Sure, the people responsible for 9/11 were also mad at the U.S. for supporting Israel, but any fool can see that they had enough other reasons for that attack. Don’t blame things on others like a little boy, take responsibility like a man.

Why does Israel keep sending tanks and troops into refuges camps? How can Palestine respond to one of the most advanced armies in the world other than ‘terrorism’? Why does the US anti-terrorism war not do anything about the IRA or Basque sepratists? Are the suicide bombers really terrorists or freedom fighters seeing ethnic cleansing from Israel? Why does the US get involved in everything? Why is the UK Bush’s butt monkey? Why does the US participate in world affairs but not play by the rules when the environment is concerned or treaties about not having weapons in space? Two faced is a key phrase, having your cake and eating it is another one. Racism is also a keyword.

British Man is right. It takes a blind and ignorant person to not see that right now it is America and Israel on one side and the rest of the world on the other side.