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Why are People Crapping on Trump?


Liberals like to pretend like Trump is mentally ill, without questioning Hillary and the status of her health.

-My question is, why is this epidemic of BS happening?


To clarify, your question is why do people support the candidate that represents their party and attack the candidate that represents an opposing party?


You are over-thinking my question.

Why is it socially acceptable to shit on one person without having any solid proof? It seems like, doing this could have the opposite effect… I would not be surprised if the election results shock the majority of voters.

Also, most republicans that are in office claim that Trump does not represent them while some Dems are violently opposed to Hillary but are still sticking to (and voting for) their parties.


T3hPwnisher’s response was the correct answer to your original question. It is also the correct answer to your second question. The answer to your third question could be simply that some people are stupid and should not be allowed to vote.


I can’t believe the opposing party has the gall to field a candidate, and in an election year no less! Scum like that deserves everything they get.


Why is the epidemic of BS happening?


Is this your first election Archie?


Conservatives like to pretend Hillary Clinton has actually murdered people or that her aide is also her lover and etc etc… without questioning whether Trump is actually a conservative even though his history say the exact opposite.

Do you see how that works?

Because as has been said:

People are partisan
People are assholes
People are stupid
People are intellectually lazy
People are_______ (about 500 things)

Both of these candidates are dumpster fire garbage yet people will defend them both like they’re the second coming of Christ. That’s politics.


yes it’s my first election
I need obese people to guide me through voting for the first time ever


I’d give Chris Christie a call then.


Yes. Christie is your man for that.


I heard he’s lost weight. I haven’t seen any pics, though.


You could always ask Trump why he thinks it is acceptable to be rude and obnoxious. It seems like once a week his mouth gets him in trouble.


Only once a week? Must be slowing down.


And about once a week we get new revelations regarding more corruption from either Hillary or the Clinton Foundation.


So what if he’s rude and obnoxious? I’ve heard General Patton was a humongous asshole too.


Everybody gotta play nice in the pc age


But it was Ike that we elected President.


…and after Patton was killed by…???

(Don’t forget Truman, paules…!)


I don’t know why other people people are crapping on trump, but I know why I am.
First of all, it’s because seems to say whatever he thinks will make people like him, and then do as he pleases. He is inconsistent and untrustworthy.
Secondly, it’s because he’s dead set on dragging the USA back in time by about 60 years without any of the good things about the 1950s
Thirdly, it’s because while he may not be a racist , a homophobe and a misogynist himself (although I have my doubts on that score), but he sees nothing wrong with courting the support of misogynists, racists and homophobes and indeed choosing them for highly important government positions.
For another thing, I have grave doubts about whether any of his economic policies are actually going to work. It’s difficult to tell what he’s actually going to do when he praises free trade one minute and proposes protectionist measures the next, but I think that imposing tarrifs on cars made outside the USA, for example, will not regenerate the US auto industry, but rather make cars more expensive.
Then there’s the climate change denial, which is probably going to prove the most destructive aspect of Trump in the long run.
Also, the way his supporters seem to think voting for a conservative politician who has his own jet aircraft makes them anti-establishment rebels, rather than obedient dupes.
Or there’s the fact that I don’t like the idea of somebody precious and ill-tempered enough that he regularly loses his shit on twitter in a big way with his finger on the button.
and lastly because he looks bizarre, speaks in a really irritating way and because I have a right to my own fucking opinion.