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Why are People Afraid?


Most people believe in afterlife or paradise, then why are most people afraid of death?

And why do they cry when a loved on dies, if they are going to paradise?


Because you're never going to see them again...and if you do, it won't be for a very long time.


I think our society teaches this kind of grief for loved ones. Death and destruction is associated with punishment and negativety.

Others view it as divine energy. Death is a type of recycling.

"The god Shiva steps on a dwarf-demon representing the ignorance of all those who do not understand that death is a part of the divine process."


it's because they know they suck at life, and worry it will follow them after. most people, most of the time, are not living up to their potential. there's some security in knowing that you get to start all over again tomorrow.

when you're faced with "ok, times up!" all of a sudden, all of the heinous shit you've done, and haven't done, plays in front of your eyes and makes you realize you're a worthless piece of shit and don't deserve to go anywhere that constitutes a reward.

the truly happy people, the ones with inner peace, have no fear of death because they're doing the best they can with what they have, every day.

two reasons: either they know the dead body had a soul like the first example above, or, it's selfishness expressed because that person will no longer be in YOUR life. I will miss that person... I wont get to talk to that person anymore, etc.

If the ones left alive can rest at peace knowing the dead person emanated the second example above, and are capable of rejoicing in someone elses success, alive or dead, they WILL rejoice that the dead person is now in paradise.


So if you don't believe in the afterlife it's selfish to miss people? I don't miss the people that have died in my life because of what they did for me, I miss them because I care about them and loved them. You make it sound like if you don't believe in the afterlife your grief is somehow less sincere, which it is definitely not.


I afta agree

youre making it sound like humans arent social creatures and that its selfish to miss somebody because you need them.


Because from the moment we pop out we are taught to believe everything is linear. Start here, end here.

If we were taught that everything is cyclical and nothing ever ends, only loops back on itself, then no one would worry about death as life would have no beginning and no end. Just like a forest that eats itself and always lives forever.

We're just a product of our belief systems.


The desire to live is a result of years of evolution. Early on in human civilization not having a desire to live as long as possible meant you did not live long enough to pass on your genes. Repeat this process for a million years and you get a population of people who are afraid of death.


It's selfish to miss people whether you believe in the afterlife or not. You're adding inflection where there was none. I said "selfish" plainly because I meant it that way. Being selfish is a perfectly understandable, common, emotion. It's why you park in the front of the lot rather than the back, on a nice day, when you have perfectly good legs to carry you. I don't see being selfish as a bad thing at all, most of the time (barring those situations where someone else is hurt because of it. even then, it depends).

In no way did I say that your grief is less sincere if you don't believe in the afterlife. I miss the people that I'VE lost because I loved them and for what they contributed to my life, and I am upset that they are no longer here to do so. It's selfishness. I miss them and part of that grief is the sadness that they won't come back.


Generally when I here the word selfish I think of someone doing something for personal gain that undermines others, not just doing something for ones self. I suppose that is probably the meaning of the word though most people don't usually write/speak that way unless they are emphasizing the negative.


How can you honestly believe that there is something in the after life? You've never been there. You've never experienced it. You have no pictures.

Its just faith.


believing that there's a higher place and a higher purpose makes people feel better.


I'm terrified. People can be dumb enough to believe in paradise and space genies and yet be smart enough to make a bomb, or aquire and nuclear device and set it off.

So, yes I'm somewhat afraid.


Believing in a religion gives people a purpose. It gives them something to believe in regardless of it being right or wrong.

Its not about feeling better, its about believing in something bigger than yourself even if your wrong: Faith. Its needed.


Some of the scariest people in the world are those extremely devoted to their faith or those with nothing to believe.


I'm an atheist, I don't believe in God and yet if I were to procure a nuclear device I would have no desire to set it off even if I were at such a distance that I were safe from any and all fallout. On the flip side a religious person who thinks they are triggering the End Times or killing infidels has more reason to hit that switch.


I'm very scared of death...

Maybe when my time comes I will except it. I'm almost crying just typing this, how terrified I am of it. Touchy subject for me.


This is true. And, real faith is comforting.

In the end, people are scared shitless, because they lack true faith in the afterlife. So, it's that bit of doubt that brings fear


Were Vikings "norseman that belived in the norse mythology" afraid of death? What about the Spartans? I always admired these two cultures as they relished in death... at least death in battle vs death in bed as an old man. They welcomed it... ran to it full sprint!

I did a study on warmongering cultures and found that the attitude vs fear and death. I was quite suprised by what I found. It was not that they where without fear but choose to control it, hone it, shape it into a weapon which they used on there enemy.

As for crying I always say this to myself when freind and family dies...

Raise thy weapons on this day
Ye shall not die alone
Fight and die let Valkyries fly
For they shall take thee home
I promise thee that on this night
Ye shall be by my side
Asgard's halls await with heroes
Brothers that have died
For thee we wait at Asgard's gates
Come join us by our side
Valhalla waits so choose thy fate
For all of us must die!


My take on death

The brain is like a big chemical ball

chemicals decay at different rates and cause different reaction when they combine

the dream,pain,pleasure,waking chemicals all flood and pool together somewhere in the body

this creates wild illusions of paradise or torture


think of it as a dream/nightmare

this happens until each half-life is expired

might explain the "life flashing before my eyes" phenomena

as all memory chemical are oozing out

same for the white light, just a mad halucination

I don't think people can actually die unless they are burned or decapitated.....if ANY brain matter is present the dreams could last for a while

after that its ashes to ashes

thats just my theory

but to answer your questions

fearing of death?

i don't think most people are, that's a western thing....

why do people cry?

because we won't ever see our loved ones again, imagine if you had friends since the sandbox and suddenly they all moved to a place you could never afford to go or call....you'd be pretty bummed wouldnt you?