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Why Are N.O. Explode-Type Products Bad?


i know this is a newbie type question, but can someone give me a concise answer as to why the NO products are considered bad or useless? Thanks in advance. Note: I currently only use Biotest products.


Because they're marketing hype. Even the research isn't there for them, and when it does work in a research setting it's through I.V dosages that you won't get a from a supplement.


For several reasons:

  1. L-Arginine and Citruline Malate actually do a crappy job at producing NO in your body
  2. They frequently contain plenty of caffeine which gives you a "jacked" feeling
  3. They're overpriced, overhyped, and overused by young lifters.
  4. If Dave Barr doesn't like 'em neither should you ( http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/raise_the_barr_bcaas_gh_and_nitric_oxide_stimulators&cr= )
    ( http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_bodybuilding_supplements/the_no2arginine_scam&cr= )


j-fit & BYUkid put it pretty well.

your money is better spent elsewhere. buying caffeine powder is 20x cheaper. Citruline Malate is very expensive to buy in bulk, but i gotta say that's not a bad product when it is. Not for the "pump" or "NO properties" that it is put int the NO products for..but for recovery.

i reiterate: your money is better spent elsewhere.


Here's why:


i'd mainly go with being over priced.

for the most part if you have never used a caffeine based supp before and you take NO explode you will have a seriously energetic workout and will feel the "pumped" buzz off the caffeine.

in this respect they do a good job, but as was mentioned above for the amount they cost you could easily buy some caffeine powder, a bag of sugar and go nuts.


I'm glad Biotest hasn't fallen into this trap. I don't agree with everything Biotest does, but I cannot compliment them enough when it comes to pre, peri, and postworkout nutrition... They are definitely ahead of the game.


I sell them to newbies at the gym because it's money. But when my friends ask I tell them at N.O suppies are bullshit and don't buy them lol.


thanks to you all. i get it


So what would you suggest for an ideal replacement to NO Xplode. I know some of you posted to buy plain caffeine. But other tips, especially for increasing NO.


Why would you want to do that? (Serious question) The whole thread is about the effects of such things being useless.


YOU DON'T NEED TO INCREASE YOUR NO!!!!! Spend your money on food, or protein powder, go lift hard, and consistently, and stop reading the muscle magazines you find on the newstands.
(That'll be $75 please)



get some carbs and protein prior to lifting


I like taking some arginine before lifting in order to get a better pump going in the muscles I am working. I find that it helps with the mind-muscle connection, particularly in muscles I have trouble feeling work.

But, most people around here don't like it because Dave Barr says they're junk.


The sad thing is we know we could save high school students across the country millions and all we'd expect in return is a simple thank you.

TS, if NO-xplode was worth a damn we wouldn't lie to you and say it's not. People like Stu and the rest are as professional people to the bodybuilding industry as you'll ever find. Listen to them.

BSN stands for Bull-Shit-N.O.


Dave Barr saying "it's junk" > anonym saying "it works"

Just my .02


I actually used an N.O product once. I must say, it did give me a HUGE BOOST in terms of energy and intensity. I worked a long ass shift in the gym and played at least 2 hours of basketball before my workouts and felt drained. The N.O was awesome.

My buddy who's a trainer and I talked about it and he suggested it was a "mental thing". Knowing that I took it maybe did give me a mental edge, but I don't know.


Might have been the half a gram of caffeine in it... lol.

But, who gives a shit right? I mean if it worked for you, it worked. And that is all that counts.


yea. comes down to effect vs affect. ie caffeine and perceived exertion vs creatine and enhance ATP production.

for me, something like surge works great as it seems to sit well in my stomach so i get an even and consistent energy state and the BA buffers well. doing some new classes that are killing me (muay thai) and needed something more so threw in some energy drink (white flood) and the effect was very nice. i wouldn't want to do it long term but to help me transition to a new and very demanding sport it's great. i could see the use for lifters to periodically cycle some of this stuff.


Oddly enough, the caffeine in coffee makes me drowsy. And the only energy drink I really use is the little 5-hour energy drink. That shit works wonders.