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Why Are My Testosterone Levels Low On a Cycle?

I got some bloods done on my testosterone levels over the last year or so.

Just before I started my last cycle of Test E 375 per week. I had my levels checked and they read

BEFORE CYCLE (but have done multiple cycles before this)
Testosterone - 11.4 Nmol/l (6.0 - 28)

And then I got tested in middle of cycle recently and the results were lower then when I was not on a cycle… is my gear fake or what??

Results on cycle
Testosterone - 7.0 Nmol/l (6.0- 28)
SHBG re- std - 28 Nmol/l (15-50)
Free test - 146. Pool/l ( 200-600)

I have no side effects of low test I was just curious to see what my levels were on a cycle .
I’ve dropped from 11.4 before the cycle to 7.0 whilst on cycle . No idea what’s going on.

If someone can explain this I would be very grateful


Bad gear.


Bad gear, or a mixed up lab test.