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Why are My Lifts so Light?


I've been lifting somewhat serious for a year now.I'm 6'2" weigh 265lbs I only bench 1rm 260lbs. I squat 1rm 315.Why am I so light weight. Is it possible I've been an endurance athlete my whole life and just have no strength yet. I swam and ran for a long time then got out of shape and I've been lifting for a year. What is the deal?


You have only been lifting for a year. Do you understand that 260 pounds for a bench isn't that bad? Also, you gave us no information. Tell us what your training is like, and etc.


4 days a week chest day legs back and shoulders. Chest is bench 4 sets 20,10,8,5 same for flat chest press incline chest and decline chest then 3 sets of 10 incline flyes and flat flyers.