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Why are my Glutes Tired When

I do parallel dips? During rest between sets, of any exercise, I tend to pace. When I do parallel dips with my belt on and plates on the chain of the belt, hanging down the front, I pace around whilst resting. After the second set or so, I noticed my glutes start to feel tired though as though having the weighted belt on and walking is somehow working them. Can anybody explain why that is?

Having the weighted belt on and walking is working them.


Hahahah Yeah I got that. How though? Good activating exercise for the future?

I don’t know about you, but when I do dips I tend to try (inadvertently) to stabilize using my spinal erectors and glutes.

Maybe the belt+weight is somehow stressing those more, if you do the same.

Did you blank out and wake up alone in bright, white, furnitureless and featureless room, “glutes” throbbing?

I genuinely have no idea what an activation exercise is, but when the weight is suspended from your hips, it swings. When you have a swinging weight attached to your body, your body has to work to compensate for the instability. Your glutes, being the biggest muscle in your body, are going to shoulder a good amount of that responsibility.