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Why are My Arms Sore?


Today I went to the gym for my first time i'm 17.
I lifted weights as much as I could until my arms tingled and couldn't go any longer. Why do my arms feel so heavy and sore when I move them? Do I keep going to the gym even though there like this. and I can rarely lift right now will I be able to lift more in the future?

Please reply Thanks allot !


hahahaha no way!


Log off the internet for a very long time.

Find a person in the gym who is bigger than you and seems to know what he's doing and RESPECTFULLY ask him for some advice. Take up no more than 3 minutes of his time on any given day.

And since you wont listen to that and will undoubtedly keep posting crazy questions here. What you are experiencing is normal. You'll get used to it. Read the stickied threads in this forum.


Is there a history of cancer in your family?


Hmm... it sounds more like your vagina is sore.

But seriously, being sore happens, no big deal.


Please jesus, listen to this post, and no others.


I've come to realize that BONEZ is like the Prof X of this forum. Knowledgeable, willing to help people out, and completely candid.


I really commend these trolls. I really feel as if they keep a large percent of the T-Nation user base coming back so they can condescend what they believe to be a weaker person. People never cease to stop impressing me.


Okay, I guess the moderator thinks this is a legit post not a troll.

In that case, then you should learn to do bench press, squats, deadlifts, pull-ups, chin-ups, bent-over rows. These are the fundamental compound movements that will be your focal point since you are just starting out.


Why do you even post??

How is that post going to help a beginner at all? Seriously. "learn how to lift weights" yeah great advice. Youre a newb yourself with no quality experience to reference. Just stop cluttering this place with pointless words.


Forgot a few movements there friend. . Also, pull ups and chin ups?

Actually, all of this is bad... nevermind.


I had a sarcastic post deleted... so sad. I guess trolls are a protected species in the beginner forum.




Hi, I'm here for the gang bang.


Hey everyone, all I'm trying to do is learn about working out with asking questions, i have to start somewhere , and you guys had to start somewhere aswell, i just wanna Learn and make sure i know how to properly workout

now i know that when that happens it means your muscles get teared up and repair even stronger. so thanks for your help


Do exactly this. Most experienced people won't have a problem helping you if you ask respectfully. If you ask a question, shut up and listen...