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Why Are My Abs "Distended"?

Sorry if this is the wrong thread but is this normal, I’m 17 and my stomach looks like this I do drink a lot of carbonated drinks and this could be why and the fact that I can’t physically burp… Yes the most odd condition ever, Or is this just bone structure,I used fat pincers on the area and the most I could get was 10mm

Merci fort’ thi proper vocab our Christopher

You dont have distended abs, you just need to beef up upper body. I wish my stomach was as distended as yours. You cant burp though i hope you can release gas someway if not stay away from Alka seltzer.


I did a lot of situps as a kid and as an alternative to burping I fart alot :slight_smile:

Just looking back at this topic what would the benefit be of my abs being distended?

They’re not distended. He was being sarcastic, as in if his abs were “distended” like yours he would have a flat stomach.

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