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Why Are Most MMA/Martial Arts Forums Totally Asinine?

I’m serious.

Since I’ve jumped back into it, I’ve been exploring the world of online forums on the topic, and even thought the combat section here is pretty slow, it’s quality more than makes up for the gazillion bits of useless “information” elsewhere.

Then again, maybe I just haven’t found the right places.

Because most of us who train usually dont spend much of our free time on forums about training. I started to go online more because i was digging up info for my club mates. That led to a blog that i could use to share the info.

Really… none of my friends who really train post much or at all. Also its nearly impossible to teach anything through text.

What took me a hour to type out (yet to be proof read and grammer checked) i could’ve just shown in person in 10 minutes.

Most forums turn quickly into a dick measuring contest. This one has people that train pretty seriously, but is a smaller “community,” so everyone kind of knows each other. This keeps a lot of the bullshit out.

Other sites are positively painful. I love East Side Boxing, but the forums are horrendous- 83 threads about the same fighter in one day, what the fuck…

I think the cool thing about this forum and T-Nation as a whole is that we’re all respectful of each others’ goals, whether it’s a powerlifter asking a bodybuilder how to put on some more mass or a football player asking an O-lifter how to become more explosive or a boxer and a karate guy trading bareknuckle training techniques. 99% of posters here do a really good job staying out of pissing contests in order for us all to get better at whatever we’re trying to get better at.

I think a big part is T-Nation requires your info. Like you cant just go on here and pretend your somebody else.

I mean if your city is listed, its not hard to figure out which of the clubs you train at. If your as good as you say you are, somebody lurking could just call you on it.

When i travel for over a week and stay with a friend, ill tend to bring my gear with me and do drop in’s to train at different schools to learn what i can. I mean if some how i ended up in Arkansas i’d ask Melvin what club he was at so i could drop in.

Being held to the truth tends to reel back the desire to BS.

Check out lockflow.com for info.