Why are Lower Body Lifts First in most 3x or Full Body Training?

Excuse me guys if this has been asked or I missed it somewhere, but why are lower body lifts always first on most full body templates example 1000% wich I’m currently doing ,squats and deadlifts are first even on the 531 bench days. Wouldn’t that effect the upper body lifts more as they are more demanding specially doing ohp after deadlifting ?.

I’ve never read the listing of the exercises as some sort of indication that you have to do them in that order. When I ran Building the Monolith, I did giant sets of the Squats, presses and chins, and same with the deads, curls and benching.

If you want to do the upper body lifts first, do them.


?For their propensity to release more testosterone, Igf1, growth hormone, etc?

Squats and deads are compound exercises you move a lot of weight with using large muscle groups, best to do them when you are fresh.

I think its common to do the most taxing lift first. Same reason on a body part split you might do bench press before tricep extensions.

Ok thx guys it makes sense I guess I just gotta man up and not over think and complain will keep doing my squats and deads first.

Like others have said - usually the more demanding/taxing stuff is done at the beginning of the workout, but it does not mean that your dick will fall off if you bench/press prior to your squat/dead. Do what you want as long as the quality does not suffer (I currently bench prior to my squats)

Gotcha i guess it’s all preference from what everyone has said .this is my first time running a 531 program my other programs I always followed the lifts as a list from top to bottom and the main heavy work was always first and then lighter supplements second. ex heavy bench/light squat , heavy squat/ light bench .wich is why I asked this question because 531 has the lower body lifts first regardless of the day on full body type templates at least thx for the clarifications .

I always shuffle the squats and presses together, but that’s only in order to use the rack efficiently.

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It’s not all about preference. Jesus - who teaches you guys how to lift? Big lifts


Holy shet .I didn’t know this question was going to get so much a attention even the man him came here. Mr. wendler it seems like I got 3-4 diffrent responses from people here . My guess was in every template u made it was suppose to be read from top to bottom and not make any changes? All I was mostly asking was why the deadlift and squats first even of it wasn’t the 5/3/1 day for the lift.

well like he said, big lifts come first,

Wouldn’t your idea affect the lower body lifts?