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Why are Guys Dropping HCG?

Recently, I have noticed that a lot of guys seem to be dropping there HCG. I realize that HCG can increase E2 and that by itself can be problematic. But are the problems of using HCG so significant to just turn your back on it’s benefits? The benefits I’m referring to are keeping the “boys” alive, increased ejaculate, libido bounce. Personally, I would think the first listed benefit would reason enough. But, there is an argument that seems to be gaining traction that if your not planing a family dump the HCG. Personally I think it’s a crazy idea. I say keep the HCG and keep the “boys”.

For me HCG is awesome and vital part of the TRT protocol, but some guys seem to not handle it well.

How do you dose with your Testosterone?

I inject two times every day - one injection 20mg sustanon and one injection 100 UI HCG. I cannot put them in the same syringe…

Sorry what is Sustanon?



I’m still trying to get my 50mgTest E3D dialed with HCG trying 100 iu daily now just started I’m concerned about E2



Sustanon is a 4 blend ester way worse than enanthate and cypionate but this is what we have here in Bulgaria

Hope this protocol works fine for you, yes my e2 is very high but I feel very good like that

So your doing fine sexually even with high E2? How high is your E2? I just started to stop controlling my E2 and letting it just go where it wants



My e2 is around 70-80 ng/l almost twice the lab range

Keep in mind that hCG in not normally found in men. It is produced by the placenta after implantation of a fertilized egg. While it does stimulate the Leydig cells to synthesize testosterone, which is necessary for spermatogenesis, it is not a natural process. With TRT, we are simply restoring our testosterone levels to what we presumably had when we were young men, though more and more young guys are low T these days.

Using hCG comes down to two reasons, one, if you are actively attempting to conceive, or if you wish to avoid testicular atrophy. The first one is obvious. The second one is purely cosmetic. Bottom line, it is not natural in men, and comes with the known side effects for some, maybe most over a prolonged time.

The above circumstances aside, I don’t particularly recommend it. In discussing this option patients, with the spouse present, I’ll often hear, from the spouse, “As long as the other thing works, I don’t care,” or “I don’t care what you say, the boys aren’t going away.”

Personal choice.


Good post. I overall feel better with no hcg. I however regularly come back to it and have struggled to find the best hcg protocol for myself.

I’d recommend a 3rd reason to take hcg and that is to improve orgasm experience. I noticed that anecdotally for myself if I go months without hcg, my orgasms become less pleasurable due to decreased volume.

Right now i inject 70 mg of T cyp every 3 days along with 300 ius of hcg. I was injecting 300 ius eod previously and get hypertensive side effects, water retention and sleep disturbances that seem to accumulate over time. I’ve tried different protocols with hcg as well. 125 ius ED, 250 ius eod, 600 ius twice per week etc.

I seem to chase my tale with this component.

Am I understanding you correctly that you use 300 Iu HCG E3D? I was interested because I’m looking for a protocol for HGC, I’ve also been all over the place with HCG



exactly how I feel. I’m not a fan of the atrophy or “soft” feeling and the decreased volume. I’m less of a fan for the shitty way HCG affects my moods.
However I’m a slow learner so once my new protocol is settled I’ll try it at 100iu eod and see.

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Sorry about the sides from HCG. Personally I don’t get those sides I just get general sexual dysfunction. However, I mentioned to my doc, which is to say I was talking to the wall, but for what it’s worth he said 100IU ED would be fine, and that it’s too low of a dose to produce sides so, EOD should be fine. I just wonder if that dose is too low to help anything?


Im surprised at dysfunction sides with it. I’ve run it quite a few times before, never managed longer than a month. Lowest I’ve done is 250iu 3xweek. So 750/week. That did resolve issues but created more. 100eod would be around 400/week. I’d like to try but again, even if it works it’s something I’d only do every 3 months. I don’t like the idea of permanent HCG or of complicating TRT just for aesthetics.

I hear you on aesthetics, but to me that is a rather an important one in my opinion. I haven’t heard about any problems taking HCG over the past 7 years that I’ve been in the TRT world.

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Do you take 300IU HCG E3D?

I think you are missing one. Many guys have reported(me including, my buddy here in BG doing TRT since before me as well) that on testosterone only load and penile sensitivity are decreased, which sucks big time. HCG seems to correct that very successfully. This is the main reason I take it, I also prefer to keep some fertility all the time

Correct. It won’t get them to full size and fertility would likely still be questionable, but I’m after reduction of side effects and increased ejaculation volume.

Every day with HCG is a waste of product, only half of your shots would do anything. It’s method of action is a roughly 48 hours cycle. It only actually does something EOD.

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