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Why are Forearms in Dogcrapp?


I have been researching this underground/not so underground anymore because there are a bajillion threads online about it program and it appears that you must pick 3 exercises for forearms. Is this correct?

Dante knows his shit and all, but this seems so stupid. Forearms are useless for training with three exercises IMO. I can't be the only one who feels this way.


hammer curls, reverse curls and wrist curls.


Why is it Useless ?

Not attacking you i'd just like to know why you think that way ?


The usual exercises (to my understanding) are not things like wrist curls/extensions, but rather reverse curls, hammer curls, pinwheels, etc. If you feel compelled not to train your forearms, then by all means don't.


is "neck" still in there too?


ah yes pinwheels, I don't know why I said wrist curls when my log bok said pinwheels lol


Considering that every muscle group is "pick 3 exercises" in DC, I guess training every muscle group in DC is useless by your logic.


Since I started training forearms directory using typical DC exercises for them (reverse grip cable, pinwheels) I've had noticeable changes in how they looked.

Definitely worthwhile and I don't see a reason they should get any less (though I did read somewhere they aren't rest/paused?).


Test it for a bit, watch how you progress and if it brings you nothing, then cut the programm and try something else. Thats what training is. Training. No more and no less. To question something is good but the system stays the same :slightly_smiling:

Its good that there are so many different kinds of training out there, so you have the possibility to change things for your purpose but if you try something and it works, stay at this and be happy.

Last. Who says that stupid things arent that good? :slightly_smiling:


Yup you got it. I see no point in training at all. I think when people are at the gym they should be playing hopscotch and EATING SNIKERDODLES.


Okay not USELESS. That's a pretty bold word. Maybe just not necessary. Forearm work seems to come from deadlifting, back, and bicep work.


Thats like people who say theres no need to do any arm work because you do chin ups !


Its a muscle.... id like it to grow........... therefore i shall dedicate an excercise to it.

I'd rather not leave it growing to chance thank you :slightly_smiling:


The benefit you'd get from this is mainly a better supporting grip, with minimal (if any) notable forearm development (growth).


I don't even train forearms directly.


Snickerdoodles are delicious.


This guy just asked why some people train forearms!


I didn't. Is there someone else you are referring to?


a) Pinwheels, Hammer Curls etc. train the brachialis and brachioradialis a lot as well.
I need to train those directly via some reverse-grip or hammer grip work or else I get forearm pain on heavy double overhand pulls and such... So I do such movements whether I'm using DC or not.
I find Pinwheels especially nice now that I'm dabbling in powerlifting. My bench grip-width is comparatively narrow and elbows are usually tucked almost all the way... I think that strong elbow flexors definitely help with stabilizing and elbow/arm health here...

b) There are already 2 big DC threads.

c) We all know that the OP can hardly be taken seriously, judging from his posting history...

d) Why the hell do people care who don't even do DC?


hogwash, you must train forearms, and you must train the gracilis and sartorius directly as well for overall development :wink:

I concur, besides hammer curls (which I don't do for forearms specifically) I don't do any forearm work either. They seem to grow just fine with the rest of my body


A.) Never even heard of pinwheels. If it's a forearm isolation exercise I'd laugh if I saw you doing them. Even if you are twice my size,

B.) This is a Bodybuilding website. Why state the obvious. "There are already two DC threads already." I'm aware, but I wanted to begin a new one. Sue Me

C.) Really? Posting history? So because I post in the Get a Life section, I can't train too?

D.) Don't you think you are being a bit arrogant here? You are on the Internet. You know NOTHING about whom you speak too. I could be Dante hinself for all you know. I am going to begin DC despite what others might say. Bodybuiling is about finding what works for you. Wouldn't you agree?