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Why Are Chimps So Strong?


The recent chimpanzee attack in Connecticut made me wonder about some of the things I've heard about chimp strength. I have read that even small chimps (90-160 lbs) are able to easily deadlift hundreds of pounds with one hand, and can literally tear a human being apart.

Do any of you know just what about their biology makes them so strong?


That one was 200 pounds if I remember correctly.


It's like retard strength. You gotta figure a chimp is at most as smart as a retard, so there you go.


Chimps are vicious and dangerous in the wild. Quite a contrast to the docile imbeciles you see at the zoo or on TV. In the wild, they're dangerous, predatory and do eat meat.

They can and have torn many humans apart limb by limb. Happens probably more often than shark attacks though im not sure if there are any reliable statistics.


Its because they use functional training: tree climbing for reps, combat pyramids and Steel12's 200 pullups a day program to reach the next level.


ON a more serious note, deadlift means something entirely different when you're a chimpanzee, your body is hunched and your hands fucking reach the ground ALL the time. They can't stand upright and their knuckles drag around on the ground in their regular posture, so theoretically if the chimp just holds on to the barbell without budging it, it has deadlifted it.

I also think most apes have muscle insertions further from the joint, so they have better leverage, add the effect of a life of being aggressive and swinging around since childhood, so being able to use a far greater percentage of their muscle fibers each time compared to the average human being.


total body training.




Looking at it from an evolutionary standpoint... chimps live in trees and they have FOUR ARMS. They can easily dangle or pull themselves up from any one of these "arms". They can also easily leap from tree to tree and grab onto another branch effortlessly. Imagine the forces involved with these landings. Olympic gymnasts after years of training don't have anything on chimps just living their every day lives.

They are emensely strong and in a fight they use all four "hands". They will disable your two arms with two of theirs while they tear you apart with the other two plus their formidable teeth. A 150 lb chimp could kill any man. No matter how big or how strong.

They also like to disable what they see as your weapons first. They will chew your fingers off usually in the begining leaving you defenseless. Then they will move onto chewing your face off. And if you are tangling with a male chimp, there is good chance they will castrate you and carry your balls away.

Seriously.... I'd rather me mauled by a lion or eaten by a shark before I'd want one of these things after me.



DJS, that is some deep sh*t. How do you know all this.


Im calling bullshit on that one. Monkeys dont know jiu jitsu.




Monkeys don't have hand grenades, or understand the finer points of a punji pit.


I have watched several documentaries on them and their attacks. They are scary creatures. They are a lot like people in that they will kill other chimps in a gang mentality for fun only. They will not eat them. Most animals don't have this kind of behavior. And the castrating thing was no joke. If a male chimp comes into another troop's territory, the chimps gang up on him, kill him and take his balls as a trophie.

F- that!


See this link..

"A 165-pound male chimpanzee named "Boma" registered a pull of 847 pounds, using only his right hand (although he did have his feet braced against the wall, being somewhat hip, in his simian way, to the principles of leverage). A 165-pound man, by comparison, could manage a one-handed pull of about 210 pounds. Even more frightening, a female chimp, weighing a mere 135 pounds and going by the name of Suzette, checked in with a one-handed pull of 1,260 pounds"


You think you can pull an arm bar on of these guys? ha ha ha. And you have only 2 weak sauce hands to use vs his FOUR and his TEETH. H. Gracie in his prime would get murdered. Brock Lessner after 10 cycles of juice would get murdered. There is simply nothing you could do.

I equate it to fighting a grizly. You have no shot no mater your skill level and are entirely at their mercy. I'm talking hand to hand obviously.


You gotta play your strengths. The beasts have teeth and muscles, we have brains. Our brains beat chimp strength, fortunately.

Apparently chimps have no qualms about fighting dirty, so neither should we. I'm thinking bananas laced with VX.


Isn't it due to the fibre types that make up their muscles?


I have had the pleasure of spending alot of time working in Africa, and did a short stint working on a Chimp conservation project.

There are a couple of things that I saw there that could explain their strength.

1: If you ever see a Chimps skeleton, next to a human one, you will notice how massively thick the bones are compared to ours. That gives them the ability to attach massive musculature to their joints. Secondly, as someone already said, the length of the limbs gives them huge leverage advantages.

2: I have seen a full grown male chimp that had a medical condition that made all his hair fall out. It was only at this point that I appreciated how much muscle they actually carry. They are absolutely massive beasts, especially in the back (All those chins from birth I guess).

3: As everyone has said, they spend their entire lives doing bodyweight workouts, and for all those arguments you always see on this site about pullups vs pulldowns, I think chimps are living proof that pullups win LOL.

4: They can be hyper aggressive, especially the top ranked males (God alone knows what their Test levels are!!!), but no more than us. They do it to protect their families, push themselves up the social hierarchy etc.

5: To the comment that they don't know Ju Jitsu. They don't need to. The ape would tear 99% percent of men to bits in a matter of seconds. He dos'nt know the rules about not biting, gouging, or tearing limbs off.
Any man that could stand up to a chimp would be tough as hell, but would be destroyed by a mountain Gorilla (I have seen one of those literally pull a fair sized tree clean out of the ground, just because he could).


Yeah, throw him in a triangle and give him easier access to gnawing off your genitals.


plus their muscle insertions give them a leverage advantage